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  1. I know that every time that I switch from Vauban to another Warframe, he's always got his head missing. I wonder if the Devs know of this issue, since this is only the second year I've been playing Warframe, and it only started for me after I got the Pumpkin Head attachment.
  2. So, a couple of things I've started noticing after I come back from certain missions or logging back in the next day concerning the Sentinels. The animations for them are kinda bugging out, as in, if you're working on builds, for instance, you'll see them in the background shaking. Other times, things get a bit weirder, where, if you move down to them in the arsenal (such as Shade, Helios Prime, and Wyrm Prime, for instance for me), they're either very off-centered, or in some cases, nearly out of the screen down below, and if you leave the arsenal afterwards, they'll be freaking out on the ground clipping through the Orbiter's floor. It doesn't happen all the times, but it's been getting a bit more frequent as of lately, so I don't know if anyone else has noticed this glitching with the Sentinels or not.
  3. I was wondering if that was just exclusive to just Vauban, but it seems like other frames are doing that as well. Were you by any chance wearing the Pumpkin Head Auxiliary by any chance? I know the last time I'd had that glitch happen (and it's still happens when I change from Vauban to another frame, but not vice versa) is that I'd had Vauban with the Pumpkin Head on and forgotten to take it off at the end of the time it was available... I'm kinda wondering if that's what's causing this glitch or not.
  4. Yea, I've noticed. As an Umbra main myself, I've noticed him "doing the flop", as I call it, and losing his head a lot in Cetus. It sometimes happens in Fortuna as well, specifically when you go to see Little Duck as your Tenno and then transfer back into Umbra.
  5. So, I don't know exactly when this happened, but I noticed after taking Rhino Prime into Helmith's room, my Helios Prime was on the floor on the Orbiter. At first, I thought maybe switching it out with another sentinel would fix the issue, so I switched it with Djinn, and it was also showing the same thing. It wasn't doing this earlier, so I don't know what's caused this glitch.
  6. It's a good fix, I guess, though I still need to do 12 more of the fourth mission to get the final item, and even if I'm not the best at killing things, at least I'm still getting the pearls that I'm needing.
  7. Aww... I had the PERFECT Catchmoon Riven (it was my first Kitgun Riven that I got) that gave me Gas damage instantaneously (had both Fire and Toxin on it), so this really hurts it.
  8. Whatever you guys did, DE, with that hotfix FINALLY solved my problem of crashing when returning to Cetus from the PoE! 😄 Thanks so much, as now, I can enjoy this AMAZING update! @[DE]Rebecca
  9. New hotfix inbound, guys! Looks like they heard us on some things! Now, if only they'll fix that crash happening coming from the PoE to Cetus and getting stuck inside the gates indefinitely when leaving Cetus for the PoE...
  10. This new hotfix does NOTHING to fix the issue of coming back from the PoE to Cetus crash or being stuck inside the gates of Cetus even after getting your weapon out.
  11. Unfortunately, the PoE to Cetus crash is still happening to me. I had gotten the last of the bounties for Cetus done as well as a majority of kills for the daily, with my friends, and as soona s we headed into the gate to Cetus, game froze and then crashed out, which was bad, because I DID get the rep for Nightwave prior to the crash, and now, I have to redo the bounties.
  12. There's still glitches where sometimes, you can't get off your K-Board and have to wait until you die to be able to do anything. Can we please get this fixed?
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