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  1. Aww... I had the PERFECT Catchmoon Riven (it was my first Kitgun Riven that I got) that gave me Gas damage instantaneously (had both Fire and Toxin on it), so this really hurts it.
  2. Whatever you guys did, DE, with that hotfix FINALLY solved my problem of crashing when returning to Cetus from the PoE! 😄 Thanks so much, as now, I can enjoy this AMAZING update! @[DE]Rebecca
  3. New hotfix inbound, guys! Looks like they heard us on some things! Now, if only they'll fix that crash happening coming from the PoE to Cetus and getting stuck inside the gates indefinitely when leaving Cetus for the PoE...
  4. This new hotfix does NOTHING to fix the issue of coming back from the PoE to Cetus crash or being stuck inside the gates of Cetus even after getting your weapon out.
  5. Unfortunately, the PoE to Cetus crash is still happening to me. I had gotten the last of the bounties for Cetus done as well as a majority of kills for the daily, with my friends, and as soona s we headed into the gate to Cetus, game froze and then crashed out, which was bad, because I DID get the rep for Nightwave prior to the crash, and now, I have to redo the bounties.
  6. There's still glitches where sometimes, you can't get off your K-Board and have to wait until you die to be able to do anything. Can we please get this fixed?
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