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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Trying to invite a friend to go on the RJ to do some Relic Cracking, but it says that I can't deliver the invite. VISUAL: Clicked on my friend's name in the "Invite Squad Member" and then the "Invite" button. EXPECTED RESULT: Message that says "[Player] received your Invite." OBSERVED RESULT: Message pops up that says "Could not deliver Invite to [Player]." REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens both when trying to invite via the "Invite Squad Member" menu and when left clicking on the friend's name when in a chat. Friend has relogged and verified m
  2. Awesome! However, we're encountering a game-breaking glitch now... And by "Game Breaking", I mean where you can't finish a mission breaking. Seems like if you vote for the same mission again, halfway through the mission, the waypoints for the "vital components" and "Crewships" as well as the waypoint for the main capital ship will disappear, and the Corpus person will stop talking. I've encountered the bug at least twice now where no one on the squad had any objectives whatsoever, and we were forced to return to Dojo (even having it where the host couldn't do that at one point). Hopefull
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After a Mission, sometimes you can't get out of the "Mission Complete" screen. VISUAL: n/a REPRODUCTION: The other glitch happened while playing with a friend and we were going to the next mission. EXPECTED RESULT: Should be able to press B on the X-Box control or Exit on the screen to get out like normal. OBSERVED RESULT: Was stuck on the "Mission Complete" screen and could not even continue the mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: First time happened. Will test tomorrow when I'm playing with friends to see if it's reproduced. A
  4. So, what if we've not been playing a lot of RJ up until the current time? I have a lot of issues with it, since I have a lot of times where I get booted from a squad due to my connection issues, so I've been having to go solo a lot. How can Tenno who might be having issues with RJ be able to get the rewards in a timely matter then? And, this Early Adopter thing... Do we have until the end of today to make it to whatever tier we want to, or did it end earlier? Thanks for the replies in advance!
  5. I just had this same issue as well. I managed to pass the practice run with Nidus with no issues, but when I got into the main test, only two of the canisters activated. Also had the issue of the blocking with melee before the canisters could be thrown. At least I know I CAN pass this test... It's just IF Bugframe will allow me to do so tomorrow...
  6. True, though, but the one from a day ago should've happened sometime that day. I finally got both of mine when I went to the Relay that Baro was on.
  7. So, I'm having issues with the 2.0 drops system. When it first started, I unlinked and then linked my accounts before the date that they would go live. Then, I watched the stream to get the Gold Potato drop and got it about an hour after I'd claimed it, so I assumed things were working fine... ...Until this week's drops, that is. See, I watched HomeTime yesterday and the DevStream today and claimed both of the drops I'm supposed to get (the Octavia Noggle and the Umbra Forma BP), but now that I've logged into Warframe, I am not seeing EITHER of the messages that I have them. Back duri
  8. I was in the stream today to get the drops today, saw I had the completion bar and got to 100% and clicked to claim the reward. Now, when I log into Warframe, I checked the messages and I didn't get my drop. Where do we go to report this?
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