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  1. Starting slow, but I'm going to try to at least get two or three done a day... And I FINALLY figured out how to do Spoilers! Day 1: "Night": This one was inspired by the opening cinematic of "The Sacrifice". Day 2: "Orbiter": ...^^; Not my best Scimitar drawing, even if it's my favorite Orbiter (at least until I get a Xiphos, that is). Day 3: "Crew": Because we're a part of HIS CREW. Day 4: "Sister": One of many Sisters of Parvos I've created over my course of playing the "Sisters of Parvos" patch of Warframe. Day 5: "Plague": Gotta love those little Nidus Prime Maggots! I like 'em better than the normal ones.
  2. Haven't seen the alert yet. Might have to relog after lunch and see if I have it then try it again.
  3. Can't wait to see them! I took screencaps of last year's showcase, and I'd love to do so again! :D I also agree with the others here in saying it should at least be left up for a day (or two!) in case people miss the devstream,
  4. If you're having trouble getting a Sister to spawn because it's a bit long, try doing the Capture on Phobos. I do the golden hand BEFORE I complete the mission and BEFORE the treasurer shows up, and more often than not, the Candidate will show up not long afterwards while I'm heading to extraction. That being said, however... I freaking HATE the RNG that I've been getting while trying to spawn my second Sister. I'm wanting to get an Arca next (got a Detron first, and I've been having a blast with that), but while farming the Arca, I've seen two dubs of the Tetra, three of the new weapons, and THREE DETRONS... Not to mention during one sister encounter, Stalker showed up, and she disappeared... Don't know if she was killed by him or just left. On the positives of the Liches/Sisters, I do love the reduced time to farm for Murmurs, and having it where everyone gets to kill their Sister/Lich at once after you go in the RJ mission is a plus, because it does share the rewards (not the weapons or what hound you get, but parts to other hounds) with the rest of the team who helped you kill your Sister. Many a time when I'd be trying to kill my Lich in the past, randoms would show up, their Lich would spawn, they'd kill it, and then, they'd leave without giving mine a chance to spawn. Now, everyone gets the chance to kill their Lich/Sister.
  5. Well, I might have missed out on the Formas, but hopefully, I can get all of those Glyphs... Would rather NOT get another Gara Noggle (have two already) or another hand. That said, of all of 'em, I want that super-cute Yareli Glyph!
  6. As I've reported in the Bug Megathread, I have ran into an issue. I can't shoot my secondary weapons on my K-Drive, so I can't complete the first page. If others are being able to complete the other pages, is there some sort of bug that must be happening to me?
  7. TYPE: In-GameProblem: Unable to shoot secondary weapon while on K-Drive. Description: So, while trying to unlock the first page of the Yureli Comic, one of the feats we need to do is "Kill 5 enemies with a secondary weapon while on a K-Drive". However, even when I have my secondary out and get on my K-Drive, it does not show. How can we complete the feats if we can't even shoot our secondary weapons while on our K-Drive on the Orb Vallis? Also headed to Demios to see if I could shoot my secondary while on my K-Drive and confirmed it does NOT allow you to shoot your secondary weapon while on a K-Drive in Demios. Expected: Since the Update was said for us to be able to shoot our secondary K-Drives, and that IS one of the requirements to unlock the first page to continue on with the quest, I was expecting we could shoot our secondaries from the K-Drives to be able to complete said feat... How do we complete the first page if this isn't the case?
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