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  1. Two years since The Sacrifice first came to Warframe?! Dang! I'm a two-year Tenno, and I believe I started right around when it dropped, because I know I had help from some friends to get to where I could could play that quest and get one of my favorite Warframes of all time, Umbra! :D These'll be a bit of a two-year anniversary thing for me, though I have the Starchild Diadem already. ^^;
  2. So, I don't know if this is associated with the new update or not, but when my friend and I are doing some of the Void Fissures to crack some relics, the last two times that he has hit "Repeat Mission", I can't see the mission to select a Void Relic. In addition, when I go to the star map, I can't see any of the points there on the planets or the Navigation Bar for things like Baro, Fissures, Syndicates, and Invasions and have to close Warframe to get them all back. However, when I was doing an Invasion mission for the Orokin Cataylist, I would click "Repeat Mission", and everythin
  3. So, I just moved my Warframe to my Steam to be able to purchase some Tennogen, but it kept giving me a black screen when the receipt came up. A friend told me that I had to link my Steam Account to my Warframe account, but when I do so, it says "Account Bound Failed". What does it mean, and how can I fix it? Just for some context, I've already restarted Warframe and Steam to see if that'd fix the issue, but it still hasn't. Any help would be appreciated over here!
  4. Just moved my Warframe over to Steam today, and after playing for five hours, I got 12 Achievements, all of which I already own in game... Might be a bit annoying to recover some of those achievements, but those for the MR and getting the Railjack won't ever be able to show up, since I can't go back and redo those to get the tests....
  5. Eh, well, we KNOW the reason that they're not going to do the Test Cluster, and they said it themselves during the TennonCon 2020... They want this thing out for ALL SYSTEMS simultaneously, no matter what... Besides, IF they were going to do a Test Cluster, they'd have do do one for each and every system, and sad to say, I don't know if DE would do that... After all, the last time a Test Cluster was used, wasn't it only done on PC? I mean, how would you get Test Clusters going for EVERY SINGLE PLATFORM at once for a new update?! Though, if anyone knows of how any Beta Testing did for a ga
  6. Here's a thought (had some time to rest and rethink things concerning the update and the reactions here): If DE is worried about things (or wants to listen to the vocal minority instead of veterans who have played the game longer, why not just have some sort of toggle for the Helminth System that toggles between what nerfs DE wants to do for some abilities and the non-nerfed abilities, at least for the first week or so of the update being out. That way, it lets us players try out the abilities before and after the nerfs to see how we'd like them... A sort of "testing phase" as it were, but
  7. ^ I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with this! As I've read from some of the others, when they did the test cluster/test server for the Railjack improvements, it really helped DE fine tune the update. If they let us do this with both pre-nerfed and then nerfed abilities, we could then give our feedback on what we liked and didn't like about the system. As a PC player, I've been already getting to find out what I like and don't like about the update we got for parts of the Heart of Deimos update, and I can say, it's letting me to enjoy what I like and pan what I dislike about the next update BEFOR
  8. Here's an idea: They not only have to be MR 8 but also have the Starchart unlocked BEFORE they get to subsume the Warframes. This way, new players get the chance to gain the experience with the Warframes, learn what all of their abilities do, and THEN decide if they want to subsume a Warframe? I mean, that's how it was for me when I was getting set for some of the tougher challenges and even some of the stuff that was thrown in the newer updates as I was working my way up. Had I started around the time that the Helminth System was announced and learned it would be something ELSE to learn, I'd
  9. I WONDERED what was going on when my friends and I were trying to farm Protea the other night and were failing because we couldn't find the Timer things.
  10. Same. I mean, no one is forcing anyone to use the new system, and people don't like it, why be a wet blanket and ruin everyone else's fun? Some of the combos look like they're going to be really fun, such as using Mag's Pull on someone like Khora or Hydroid, for instance. Pull 'em into your snare and reap the rewards! My friends and I would do that combo all the time on Hydron, and it's SO MUCH fun, but for those times when my friends don't want to be Mag but I want to be either one of those two, I can still have the fun while we're doing the mission.
  11. Hmm... My goof there concerning Valkyr. I meant to mention Mirage, since people are complaining about attack boosts to frames that already have that.
  12. Might try putting Warcry instead of Umbra's Slash Dash and see how crazy his attack goes then. 😄
  13. No kidding on that... I read that already, and I'm already excited for a few of the ones that'll help other frames that need it, plus using Mag's pull on someone like Khora or Hydroid is just going to make single-player farming that much easier. 🙂
  14. For those wondering, if you try putting another damage buff on one that has something similar (like Rhino or Valkyr, for instance), you can only put ONE damage buff ability on it. Rebecca just mentioned that on the second page and the main page.
  15. So looking forward to using Fire Walker on some of the slower frames, whereas using Shock to give stun to some of my more DPS frames is going to be fun as well. 🙂 Question: We know Primes can't be subsumed, but does this also count for Umbra as well?
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