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  1. Ah i see, it be given as we bought it, thank you DE, i be gutted if i lost out as im a collector. Bad enough i missed out on alot of twitch stuff only recently joined twitch prime subscription. Is it possible to acquire older twitch loot ? will it be rotational loot ? and also can you add Tea set for those who missed it by code
  2. So i purchased the Swarm pack on update release, does this mean i wont get the syndanna in my inbox as i bought pack prior too new update ? How am i too acquire this cosmetic ?
  3. Why cant we just walk into infested room on the orbitor ? Only way in is if you have a boil on your neck, technically pointless the helminth if all your primes need a zit to enter. Also im in process rebuilding and farming standard frames to kill and again i need a infested boil to enter to upgrade helminth? Talk about take it to the Digital Extreme. I love the game but thiers too many backward stuff ingame. One in particular give all hard mode and walk steel path but builds are still not complete and limited because we have no Umbra forma and also no Exilus forma which would work on both fram
  4. Looking at this HOTFIX its looks like you have not addressed the bug with Grasp Of Lohk Ability i mentioned. The bug appears to give you Protea sized BALLS instead of enemy weapons, i guess this must not be issue in the community.
  5. Update looks cool but.. We need a Hotfix on the weapon steal ability, im seeing orbs mostly not guns. Also im confused, were my platinum, credit and booster count, i dont like the fact i cant see this no more, how do i get it back up or view this again, i hate that.
  6. Hi DE, recently we got a forma that in my opinion was the lesser forma to be released. The most important part of the game is the Warframe itself and it was kinda odd that we got Stance Forma over Exilus Forma. Also you released Umbra Mods but yet no forma for these. When will we see Exilus Forma in game so that we can have different mods in builds especially drift mods ? Also are Umbra Forma coming now that Steel Path is here ? These forma will help finalise and finish our builds completely formatized frames. Its been roughly decade now so each config should have all polarity forma upgraded i
  7. Great No Riven Capacity Upgrade, Im Capped With Rivens That Are Personal Collection And I Had To Get Rid Of 3 Veiled. Quest Rifle, Pistol And Rifle From Sortie. This Is Stupid, So For Me To Do Jackel Sortie I Have To Get Shot Of Another Riven, with Possibility Of Missing Out On Riven For New Weapons, Thank You.
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