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  1. Exatly. Ofc i don't pretend to kill and Eximus level 130 Bombard with one tick of Sol Gate, but i want , or better hope, a Sol Gate with actually damage vs heavy units. At least when you Amp. the Sol gate, with the mouse, it deal more damage yes. but for me the main problem are tick rate and damage ramp up. Damge ramp up over time is good, but if is too slow most of the time you are gonna die using Wisp 4 ability. I 'm also open to spent even more energy for the Amp mode, but in excange having more damage, enough damage to deal with Bombard , heavy gunner, without oneshotting them like ther's no tomorrow.
  2. I see that, and yes i've tried that. In fact i never stay on one enemy at time. I move the cursor a lot, wnyay the Heat damage proved some cc so you are "free" (not free at all but ok) to move , increase the tick ecc. But even in that case is not enough in many situations sadly. tomorrow, or better today when i will log in again i will try better .
  3. I have nothing against simulacrum, i use it like many other players do. BUT you (in general) can't use the simulacrum and say "oh well here works fine, it will works fine too in every other single situations". Simple no. So many differences, variants. It's a fact because YOU say that? Because many other, even more players that actually don't use forums think exatly the opposite. I clearly state that i don't want a press 4 to win, Like Mesa ecc ecc because i don't like it and i don't use warframe that have an ability like that. So really, grow up and stop repeat that. Is not really educate make a statement like that. You are not in my mind, you don't know me. Enter mission, press 2 press 1. this is not Effort. is this truly effort? Oh god please bless this guy. I can understand Hydroid but Nidus?
  4. I clearly say i don't want that because i hate that. i've tried with 224 % str (balanced) and 264 i think now (just a test not full build). From before i honestly see nothing much better than before. Ofc "Effort". Don't talk about effort in this game . ther's not really room for that . That was just an opinion, and i also said "FOR EXAMPLE" I didn't ask for something directly. And pls stop write about "effort" when actually your "effort" is test something in simulacrum instead in a real mission , endless or not. I know Sol gate deal some damage ecc but in my opinion is not enough. And is not even far away from be good without be a "Press 4 , move your mouse, gg" (mesa).
  5. I like Wisp Sol gate ability buff, but i'ts near worthless this buff. I tested again and it is pretyt much the same. Punch on Sol Gate ofc is good, but the damage is crap. Wisp selling point for me was: Her sounds. Her design. Her Sol Gate. I love wisp even more than Mirage-Nova-Mag. But the ultimate? good looking, awesome sounds, no damage at all. Make her ult for example : Be influenced by Elemental mod (Heat-Electric ecc from secondary or melee), Augment the damage ticks. 1 ticks per second if i'm not wrong, is bad really really bad. Augment Sol Gate with more damage, ticks and ofc more energy drain per second even much more if needed. And trust me i don't want a press 4 to win, in fact i want an ultimate strong but at the same time balanced. Not something like Equinox stacked damage, or Gara 4 with a good melee + riven.
  6. Oh sorry i misunderstood what you wrote. I tought you was saying to add a perma screen shake no matter what. Didn't think of that. Maybe this is true, and can work . Maybe boost Sol Gate with only elemental mods? I'm bad a those thing honestly.
  7. Wow good job Sir! I like everything that you write. Exept some point on the 4. I admit the Sol Gate ability , the design and sound of Wisp were my selling point. The ult actually deal some damage to level 120 (tested a bit, with 224% str) but it took kinda long time. I don't like the point of : Screen shake (Honestly screen shake can only create nausea for me), x3 or x4 energy consumption (x2 is already fine) "Severely restrict turning" no pls probably this worst than screen shake.. But i'm scared... Sol gate seems a hard ability to balance. More damage? can be OP af. More damage but no mobility or extremly slow turning around? still bad. I like thos the Idea of give damage to Sol gate thanks mod. But i don't know. This is not an exalted ability. This is not a weapon. Double or more tick rate? this can be good. i think the x2 tick rate is already a good start for an improvement , maybe x4 in Amped mod but x2 (energy cost in amp mod). For her 1 i would love be able to put all the 3 reservoir at the same time. Pls never nerf the HAste mod. Her 3 , Surge i think is.. useless? I use it kinda often in arbitration but i NEVER see any kind of projectile hitting the enemies, and if happen is just for few hundreds, pretty useless besides be an almost instant cc. I like her 2. It's a really really good panic button for me. Bad situation? tap fast fast and get invulnerability. But i prefer see the "ghost" be actually faster without have to keep pressed my 2. Sorry for my english, bye!
  8. Recently woke up not really. Actually in Canada Ontario is 10:44 am. So we have to wait a little bit more. Probably wait till is 20 pm here.
  9. They are building a lot of expetation. But like i also say on another answer on this topic or another , i don't remember, we will see. I won't change opinion about the stuff that i've said . I don't like all this, because if fortuna don't reach the expetations when it will be Online, all this hype will truly hurt the game. I hope i'm wrong , really. We will see.
  10. I never said that Digital Extreme should not tease and create hype. I know, probably more than you the influence that the hype and tease can create on old and new players. But ther's a limit. You can post evert single hour something new. Tease on tease, hype on hype. There is a limit. And i don't say : Never. I say all this uncontrolled hype is bad. You can hype and tease as much as you want but you have to do that on some good ways and furthemore you can do that in some more efficent and smarter way. Like discord server. That was cool actually. But tweet every single things , every hour. not that.
  11. Are you serius? Complain about everything? I'm a player, i spend money for support them. And they ASK my opinion. This forum is for feedback, improvement tips and bug report . I'm not complaining about nothing. I'm just telling my OPINION on this thing. And my opinion is "I?m disgusted" for all this teasing. They show so much Fortuna in everything. All the mistery of exploration, go around and get some knowledge alone. No sense. I prefer "Complain" about everything instead of being able only to say "Thanks DE, omg keep up the good work". Saing only this, even if they didn't do a good job, will not help this game, the same game that you are playing.
  12. TOTALY true. It's good tease something, it's good be hyped. But this hype is literally destroing all the fun in these days. Like you said I hate this. It's better be quiet and stop teasing. Because honestly i'm already tired of this endless wait. Don't say nothing more than the important things. Just this
  13. You guys are really into warframe world, for translate this.
  14. yes but honestly. I don't like be hyped like that. It ruin everything at least for me
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