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  1. Are there any plans to take another look at Orphix' difficulty in the Veil Proxima?
  2. Orphix in the Veil is way too difficult. The mission starts with a level 54 Orphix (equivalent of the 16th Orphix in Orphix Venom). Above is a graph of how an Orphix' effective health scales. The green section indicates the level and health of Orphixes in Orphix Venom's Endurance mission and the red indicates the level and health of Orphixes in the Veil Proxima, assuming level scaling continues at the same pacing as Orphix Venom. What this graph shows, is that Orphixes in the Veil are much tougher than the ones from Orphix Venom. Even getting a single C drop would have you kill
  3. I'm really looking foreward to these changes! Especially the red zone reduction and new decorations sound fantastic.
  4. I like that we can get more info on the drop and our progress, but is there any particular reason why claiming drops is now manual? Having it automatic like it is now seems a lot more convenient to me.
  5. Here's my entry. I think it's time we go on the offensive against the Sentients.
  6. I want to enter the current Necramech Showcase contest, but I'm really struggling with the Advanced Camera Controls. I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the UI when it's following the path and I don't know how to actually record it. Do I have to use an external program for that, and if so, please recommend me a free one. Thanks!
  7. Hi Tenno! A few days ago, I made a post where I asked for your opinions on Riven mods. I excpected a few dozen answers at most, but I ended up getting over 300! Because of that, I want to thank everyone that filled in the questionnaire. As promised, here are the results from that questionnaire. I'll show you some graphs and I'll tell you what I think they mean. I don't have a lot of experience with collecting and analyzing data, so there is a chance I might miss something or draw a wrong conclusion. These graphs show that the vast majority of answers answers came fro
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