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  1. My friend is currently still having this issue. Any idea how it might've been fixed?
  2. Copy and paste? That's all I can think of, but mine's already fallen to page 2 and getting buried so I hate to wonder how many people actually care.
  3. Yo, got a topic running on this already. Want to tag this onto there? Trying to get it all in one place and hoping if the thread gets bigger DE will actually take notice of it.
  4. For those who are just looking, if you think it's a good idea drop a comment. Increasing the views, comments, likes, overall popularity of the thread would make it more likely for the devs to notice, and if enough people want it they may even consider making it a reality.
  5. The Warframe Phone App is nice, but also extremely lacking. I would recommend taking a second look at it, adding Nightwave weekly objectives and shop, adding Baro's shop and the ability to trade in Prime components for Ducats, and most importantly, I'm going to use the Destiny Companion App as reference here, allow loadouts, be it weapons, mods, whatever, to be swapped out, changed, etc... through the app, even mid mission. The ability to change loadouts mid-mission is what made the destiny app worth using, and I feel the Warframe app could benefit from this functionality as well.
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