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  1. So I've started the new Ropalolyst mission, besides the gameplay and visuals (with some minor bugs) that are awesome I have one issue with it - does that Lotus message has to play everytime you restart the mission without the option to skip it AND why does it have to fill almost half of the screen? Solution: 1. Skip option for Lotus message - no need to rewatch it everytime you restart the mission OR... 2. Make the video message tiny in the bottom right corner
  2. I still didn't get the Arcane Energyze from tier 25 and now I'm way past tier 30.
  3. Wolf only takes pure damage, no elemental dmg. I used a Catchmoon built only for crits with some primed mods and nailed his ass in a minute or so.
  4. "The 'Wolf Howl' Emote will now play howling sounds (only audible for the local player)." No it's not. It plays only on certain frames not all of them.
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