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  1. I am getting CTDs upon trying to open my options menu in Warframe
  2. use my boi atlas and the Furax Wraith with the Gaia's Tragedy stance mod please
  3. ah good. now if i (hopefully never.) get suspended again i will know WHY i got suspended instead of wondering if i got suspended for having an argument weeks ago, or from mistyping in trade chat. because that 6 day ban was HIGHLY irritating. thank you!
  4. can we please get a fix to helios prime and his investigator mod? it hasnt been working right since the new gear weel. also, i have encountered a slight error in drop pickup registration while on the k-drives: if you pick up a mod (maybe resources too) while on it, you dont get the mod. ill file a support ticket once i get the cance, but just in case you see this first yaknow?
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