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  1. Asking for more challenge is the opposite of that, thanks. Get some help, pal.
  2. Just because you enjoy easy content, there are plenty of others who would like difficulty and fun. If you don't want to do anything more difficult then you wouldn't have to. I would like ESO to be able to scale in difficulty with the same loot cycle. Same rewards. But an actual challenge. Staying longer wouldn't hurt anyone else. Change the scaling of level after 12 and it could be sooner than that. Or shorten each round by 30-60 seconds. Same with Arbitrations. I mean, let's have these two, and possibly more, game modes be able to scale so that people can challenge themselves there. Having the option would hurt noone and only add to replay value. Saying Warframe is fine as it is does no good. Everything can be improved and nothing is perfect.
  3. Actually, you can use your computer to join the discord. There are PS4 players there. This is the first nightwave, so there will be issues that need to be programmed in. My point is that they said there would be no spending after. So, next nightwave spend your creds as you get them.
  4. Actually, it is fun in small doses because you have absolutely nothing to do at a certain point. Were mission scaling rewards in place for Kuva, I would be interested. Were ESO possible to go above 13 with spawning enemies, I would play that guantlet. Were Arbitration regular loot cycle, higher difficulty and better enemy AI then I would play that mode. But, the content is not rewarding nor is it fun if you can storm through it. Gimping yourself with bad weapons... not fun. Playing frames you don't enjoy to forma up every frame. Not fun. Sorry, no challenge, no fun.
  5. You mean you don't netflix while "playing"?
  6. I have absolutely no clue how you did that.
  7. Saryn Prime Rubico Prime/Kohm Catchmoon Dokrahm
  8. Please. They don't need hand holding. Join the warframe community discord and stay in the loop. Read bulletins. Rewards were not taken away, you didn't buy anything before the end of the season. That is your fault.
  9. This is a case of GG git gud Spend your credits when you get them next time.
  10. You can't level frames in ESO. Do two things at once, not one.
  11. 5% is definitely not endgame. So they basically design aesthetics and don't bother creating any higher difficulty modes. Correctimondo. And while we wait for endgame, the game will bleed players.
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