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  1. Will we ever get a chance to get the lotus ephemera again so many players missed out on it do to having to work or person matters please give us another chance to get plls DE. And DE dont know what mess u made with extraction but its a pathatic mess plyers extracting or leaving n ur shot back to your orbitor even when your done mission n you got to do over,this is happening in sorties reg missions warframe is not functioning right because of this.Im losing loot,creds,rare drops are you going to fix this
  2. Looking awesome. But in mission 40 mins and get disconnected lost good loot.this happened when squad extracted and did not make it to extraction point before timerr ran out could this be the cause,but its happening in solo as well ,just frustrating in mission long then lose connetion n its not my net
  3. De. Great job on plains looks great.but also great job in fffinnnng up ur game cause its really starting to suck. Your doing such a great job you should get a reward for how to destroy a game in 7 years or less your getting close. Icons in dojo sucks.so keep up the good work such a great game this was n you are starting to destroy it enjoy it cause it will die seen it to many times, so much potential wasted
  4. New update 3 star rated. New malee change rated half star, not very good change to malee. Over all gaming experience rated this a 3 and a half stars, in solo its pretty awesome no worry about constant host migration traveling. In group host migrations a big problem for this game and thinking de trying to fix but instead make it just more frustrating (sorties) cant leave group does not fix this problem. Now you just abort and your right back host migrating for 5 to 6 minutes again.new tile colours in research, decorating,inventory n every other item display the gold rusty black is really abit much,n gets old real fast its not about fancy looking its about seeing it good and this change rated 1 out of 5 stars to much of the same thing kills it ???? You should realize that .
  5. Great to see whats ahead. But de you have some serious issues you ignore and need a serious fix or solution? Host migration is getting out a hand and this is getting to the point of fed up,you need fix this someone wants to leave it shouldn't effect us continuing are game by migrating everytime. And the eidolons hunt operator cant get out of warframe or gets ejected right back in none stop???? You have not dealt with these issues since plains started n nooone wants a play a game thats broken its getting out a hand adding n adding new things is great but with the above issues its taking the fun out for lots . I support this game, love this game n be sad to say enough cause of those issues lots are fed up with host migrating n eidolon hunts cause of the warframe to operator bug or glitch that only happens in eidolon hunts,its a need a solution fast problem
  6. Great to see good things comin for fortuna but there's an issue doing eidolons in plains . I mean when you take a hit get wiped out by that screechin beast ,sometimes a glitch/ bug happens when you revive yourself and your not able to use operator (jump out) or use your abilities on warframe or weapons and the worst thing is when you get killed because of it BOOM someone revives you n that does not fix it til your dead dead dead n life lost cause of it. I noticed this problem a year ago n still seems its not bin looked at or dealt with, please look into this cause its very frustrating
  7. Thanks DE happy see dojo decorating gettig fixed, some great things coming,can we get fluffies for kavates and plain animals in the future n hunt them as well,maybe some new animals for plains like a plain skirpper made up that name . Like a big jack Rabbit or some kind a new water creature since lots a water in plaiins might spruce it up, just a thought t
  8. Not that way . I mean going in a mission say defence n you enter with 2 to 3 waves done or at 5 n everyone extracts, happens abit . Your alwayys gonna get peopple bolting for different reasons (someones better wipes every mob ) that dont bother me. But iit does some, maybe de should put a ten minute out time for players that bail 😊
  9. Failed to connect to server n then your shot out ,thats not bin dealt with. Going into a mission with a group, you enter the mission and its half done or finished this is a serious issue n needs be fixed . Who wants to enter a mission half done or done already takes the enjoyment out . I love Warframe n will always support . I am just pointing out the issues that frustrate me n seems there never even looked at seriously
  10. Agree they really messed it up, it was well the way it was ,but now its really frustrating to decorate unless its fixed no use decorating anymore its as you said impossible
  11. The new update hmm well just say with each new update comes more n more frustration n enyoyment for warframe. I can tell you now n lots agree ? The new lockers are nice but suck with the white symbole you should put a red or greeen light in it . Cause now they look like boring n make everything just dull looking around n enough of the really really boring rusty n gold colour change to the dojo research now that looks like terrible , n decorating in dojo trying to balance keep straight objects is now impossible rotation was just fine now it just keeps rotating .This needs to be returned back or fixed from rotating none stop n let us rotate it tilt ,up down are selves like before .DE you got a Canadian gem here.best game in the world to me, new hair styles for operator are bit cheesy thou to stringy looking less you like wearing a mop they could do with some rework
  12. Looks good n lots cool stuff but seems for xbox1 there turning xbox1 more n more into pc controling n de that whats killing it for me,love warframe but the dumbest thing that should have never bin put in is Frame Fighter that is just a ok I got it item ff is aweful , so not going jump for joy cause de your changing xbox1 way to much ,just how I feel n well rest is history
  13. The update has some good content, but its xbox1 an I feel de are or their turning it into more an more like pc controling and somethings were fine just as they were like the gear tray n this game keeps altering n whats the point of more dojo decorations am I supose to destroy what I created ? point is we need more compacity n what about dojo invasion attacks where at times are dojos get invaded an we got to defend from infested,corpus,infested it a spice things up, but it be like a never know when attack
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