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  1. (PSN)camwyn-xenos's post in Unairu vs Madurai was marked as the answer   
    Used to play mad vs with amp setup for r3 one shoot of shields one vs drain, this system works great in cordinanted squad but limits roles a bit.
    But of late running a kilmora prism setup with unaria wisp and it far more relaxed because while a bit slower theres no worrys about charging stacks and no need to cordinate attacks with a team. And you can swap roles on the fly so all parts of eidolon capture can be done. 
    As for waybond passives you eventually should be using all 10 permanently as there your tennos power,health,armour etc
  2. (PSN)camwyn-xenos's post in Ammo Chain vs Quick Reload for voidrig mech? was marked as the answer   
    Ammo chain double bullet reserve on heavy weapon/ ground warframe builds.
    Magazineextension +60% mag capacity (bigger mag same reload time) on archwing and mech builds.
    Quick reload on a few builds only ie cortage with its long reload. 
    Personally i done see much speed boost in archwing missions with quick reload
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