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  1. That's literally the only way this would go out. Being able to open 4 relics by yourself and get ALL 4 relics at the end of the run would just beg the question why run with a squad? Literally there was no downside to what you were suggesting. 4x relic radshare by yourself? #*!% why am I complaining I'm a solo player and that sounds like heaven for farming primes parts.
  2. Do you understand what you're saying? In a co-op session with a full squad you open 4 relics and get a choice to pick ONE of the 4 relics.. What you're suggesting is that in a solo player can open 4 relics and get ALL FOUR RELICS. If you don't see anything wrong with what you're saying then you really need to reread what you're saying.
  3. Then everyone would become a solo player in a co-op game. And the amount of reactants doesn't matter if I can open 4 void relics at the same time solo. What you're saying is that I get all 4 void relics? Since your idea of 40 reactants is suppose to remedy the "choose 1 out of 4" that sounds more like a plus for solo players.
  4. 1. Why should creators not get paid for the work that they more than likely spent hours/days/weeks on. 2. It's steam workshop, more than likely it's required to have it payable by actual money than the game's premium currency 3. It's much more simple to have it be real money than plat for calculating the cut the DE, steam and the creator gets. 4. You're on fking PS4 you don't have this issue.
  5. Isn't resolution scale modifiable in the game itself?
  6. This^, You don't hear people *@##$ing about certain weapons being locked behind the clan. Like legit, you can join a clan and still be a solo player.
  7. They should just make Lens interchangeable like they did with Arcanes
  8. I mean sure you can keep that speculation. But it doesn't change the fact that Teeno has a physical body no matter how you try to slice it. There's this thing called cryopods that tenno were in you know? And before you try to say that the warframes were the one in cryopods no, the reservoir on the moon where the tenno were acted as a cryopod for preservation too. The only one who would barely fit your description was Rell, who bound his spirit to Harrow. It was said by Ballas himself that they broke the minds of the warframes as to not have them rebel. If they're able to break their minds, it's not surprising that they can make them mindless puppets for the tenno to control as seen with the multitudes of warframes tenno have access to in the current era and especially in the Second Dream sequence when the tenno found their real body. That's because he was rage fueled from the torment Ballas subjected him to that made him a wild dog that would lash out at anything. Don't confuse gameplay mechanics with lore. It would be a neat feature if he were to move around in the orbiter but the way it is now doesn't change the fact that Umbra still has his sentience. It wouldn't be surprising if the feedback loop from the warframe to the tenno got overloaded and killed the tenno on the transference chair. I doubt Lotus would be distraught over a puppet dieing. We do know that Tenno can feel pain while piloting a warframe as shown from their quotes. Or it could just be one of the lore loopholes that were left because DE didn't had a proper writer back then. The former is plausible while the latter is more than likely the truth. Yes it was a room that they kept the tenno currently not past tense. I agree with your point somewhat that the rhino was pacified when it got near the cell because the tenno was there. The transference bolt is what gave Ballas control over Umbra. If Ballas didn't force Umbra to kill his own son that time then Umbra would've went after Ballas first (and failed) like he did twice during the sacrifice as we know the transference bolt doesn't stop Umbra from attempting to kill Ballas. The manifestation of the infestation might just be the side effect of having the helminth infestation transforming his body and umbra wasn't mad but berserk with rage until the tenno came along and pacified it somewhat. Why would Ballas make Umbra kill himself? The whole point of making him kill his own son and keep that single memory was to torture him for eternity. It doesn't make a difference of the torture that Umbra was going through whether he is made a bodyguard or imprisoned. Making him a bodyguard would've raised questions for the same orokin he was betraying because this was a unique Excalibur model, with a unique transference bolt and the fact that it can move with out being controlled by the tenno / has sentience. It shows that Ballas can voice commands to Umbra but that's about it, if he can tell Umbra to stop in place, he can also make him kill his son. If Ballas was at the point where he can say that the Dax soldier was becoming a surrogate for the Unholy tenno and call the fact that he would still have a memory as a warframe then they're at that point where warframes are mindless puppets for the Tenno to take control of.
  9. But tenno do have a physical body. They can be hurt through the warframe as shown by some transmissions where they exclaimed that 'whatever' hurts, more than likely a feedback loop from the transference. I'm sure everyone knows that they are old but they're not unkillable, just extremely hard to kill because they can just nope tf out of the warframe and back to the orbiter.
  10. Yes you're right but from that codex entry it sounds more like the prototype version of Rhino considering it had eyes, a mouth, was eating the bodies it smashed and referred to as a beast. From then on it's not a stretch to say that they removed the sentience from warframes as they refined the design as shown in the second dream where it just drops down like a puppet when the operator is out. Although it also showed that warframes has some sort of minimal movement without the operator but not enough to make it combat ready. It's highly hinted that a tenno went into the mind of the Rhino prototype because it stood inches away from Davis looking at its hands. If it was just calmed down, I don't think it would've been looking at it's hands that is more than likely stained with gore. But he did made Umbra unique for that. infected him with the helminth virus and fitted with a unique transference bolt that made him subservient and then forced him to kill his own son and have that be the one burning memory as a warframe. I doubt at this point that Warframes would lash out as they are more than likely refined at this point and not a prototype like the Rhino from the prime codex entry. Umbra being an exception because Ballas wanted to torture him.
  11. Umbra wasn't the first of all Exaliburs, nothing stated that. He wasn't deemed to unstable, Ballas wanted him to be unstable. You're correct on genetic memory, I think of it like that too. But the reason why Umbra has his sentience unlike other warframes is because Ballas left him with the memory of his final moments before turning into a warframe. This was all explained/shown in the sacrifice quest.
  12. Good, now we just need to burn it to the ground.
  13. Prime/Vanda/Waith doesn't have rng stats tho. Whats the point in building another one?
  14. 500 kuva is negligible. I don't know why people would be upset over this. Now that kuva thralls dropping mods is gone, the chance to get a relic not sharing a drop table reduces the farm even if it is minuscule is good.
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