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  1. Note the word in parenthesis loosely. Multiple classes, instanced areas, side activities (fishing/mining) etc. Leans it more to the mmo side. What genre? D2 is a looter shooter, Warframe is an amalgamation of different genres that its been a point of discussions for a long time now to say what subgenre warframe is other than third person shooter fits it. It's increased even more with the open world zones, archwing, k-drives and the soon to come Kingpin system (kuva liches) and Railjack. The point I meant when I say they're two different games is the difference with FPS and TPS (and the frankenstein that warframe is). You'll find more similarities with D2 with the other actual looter shooters on the market like BL3, Division 2 etc. So it doesn't matter that D2 is the superior looter shooter because Warframe wasn't exclusive to that subgenre in the first place. In fact its even less of a looter shooter because every weapons with a few exceptions are craftables rather than some random drop from an enemy/chest/breakable with rolled stats.
  2. Two different games. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Legit the only thing similar is the setting. Warframes is marketed on having different frames to play for a different playstyle so I don't see what your first point brings. I don't even know what can be considered an exotic weapon in warframe maybe primes but thats just loosely since warframes do not have a rarity attached to weapons. Again different stroke for a different folk. People would prefer having a multitude of weapon types to choose from while others would like less. Imo more is always better because there's a preference. Mission types (if thats what you're referring to) adds variety but I do agree that some of those needs to be dropped like infested salvage. But that doesn't mean that just because Destiny has no sort of mission types doesn't mean that Warframe doesn't need it. Warframe is an instance based game with two open world compared to Destiny's 7(?) open world areas? Of course they would have less game modes. Idk what you regard as fluff Everything you mentioned here is less of D2 being better but more of it suiting your preferences. Warframe isn't a looter shooter, its more comparable (loosely) to an mmo. You're comparing Warframe to looter shooter standards when it isn't a looter shooter where your whole brag about destiny falls flat. Its great that you like destiny's world building, but don't go acting like D2 doesn't get repetitive too with the same activities on all open world areas that is literally the same content being constantly recycled. And is just as grindy the same as warframe. But grinds are a thing in a game like this but I'm pretty sure I've heard complaints about the grind for those sweet sweet exotic and the near blasphemous quests for other exotics, like the ones that requires the crucible game mode. The only thing I would say that D2 has done better over warframe is raids which is basically all the endgame the game has not mentioning the requirements to join said raids as a newbie (I don't even have the time to get a sherpa so raids are not something I can get into) The whole weapon complaint is again a preference and a difference between the games inherently( TPS vs FPS) and the pure fact that Warframe is much much faster than D2's slow trod. As warframe is ever evolving and the Devs are always learning as they go along I give them the hat for improving on boss fights. Say what you want but Warframe DE has it tough to keep up with what they're doing compared to Destiny. And a PvPvE is again a preference, the focus is on the PvE and we did have a PvPvE game mode before, that was Dark Sectors thats been on the backburner for a long time now. Everything you've mentioned is mostly preference. You prefer Destiny over warframe good for you but both games have the flaws and successes. You know warframes flaws and @taiiat goes over some of the flaws on destiny. I never see the point in comparing Warframe and D2 its pointless inherently their two different genres by design going for two different gameplay..
  3. That wouldn't stop people from speeding through eidolons regardless.
  4. Yeah but those DR abilities are purely damage reduction with some extra effects on the side. It doesn't provide the same amount of utility that Immolation is providing which basically in a simple word amps to all her other abilities. People blow ragdolling out of proportion because you mainly see it with impact melee. I also think it needs to be toned down for those melee. The ability has cc with armor stripping so does it matter if there's a fire ring or not? The targeting is line of sight the meteor hitting the enemy is an aoe. The effects might be deceiving tho but it doesn't matter because it spreads fire status. Dude, EVERY weapon save for the worse weapons of them all can do low level content quickly. Just grab any weapon you modded and run through it or any warframe with an aoe ability same for everything really. If you want optimal, then the optimal weapons is ignis wraith and amprex, you don't even need a nuke frame. You're speaking of low level content like its high level content. Its not that difficult. My feelings on the change doesn't cement until I get my hands on it but what was shown is a straight upgrade to what she previously had. Just to list them Passive increases her power strength by 5% for each enemy on fire near her Damage Reducton from her 2 Damage Amp from her 2 (Immolation) Increased Casting Speed from her 2 Armor Stripping with her 3 An actual 4 that isn't a tickler that was nerfed WoF, also spread fire status if enemies come near each other. Not an energy whore anymore Added bonus of heat proc change where DoT stacks AND armor stripping Legit everything is just a straight upgrade and fully utilizes the heat proc change. Say what you want but if you seriously think any of this is a downgrade then something is wrong with you.
  5. Yes, Yes they will. Its basically the middleman between slash and corrosive.
  6. This is a case of asking for too much too early. Let them grow the system first before dropping so much and having it fail unexpectedly. This is a fine start Please god no. We have enough stuff to farm in warframe. There's a reason why they removed stats on warframe helmets. More than likely we will as the system gets added and fleshed out. They always expand systems like these to the other factions. Example: Disruption
  7. One is a death laser that is manually place that takes in the No. of enemies + the level for scaling damage while the other is a autotarget meteor aoe strike that hits every enemy in LoS. They might be similar in execution but are still quite different like apples to oranges.
  8. This is why we can't have nice things
  9. Vauban's 3* is an orbital strike. His 4 is Bastille/Vortex
  10. Now you have to pay attention Thats kinda of a hyperbole on ragdolling part maybe in open world. The fire ring won't matter now since the casting speed of her 3 got changed, its spammable unlike how it is now. There is tracking.... Its an auto target ability like Mesa's 4 that drops meteors on every enemy head in your LoS, and remember its aoe either way. If speed running low content is your problem then just take a cc/aoe weapon or use the other multitude of nuke frames that can move.
  11. As @VentiGlondi said. Accelerant is a crutch. Her new passive makes it redundant and the stun didn't had that big of a range anyways (but I believe it got worked into immolation) and the casting speed bonus was put into immolation too. Cuz generic first skill, it has some uses now with the passive and increased casting speed from immolation and heat proc changes
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