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  1. But that's only for one melee weapon. The players wanting a float animation for all melee weapons is understandable but unlikely to happen. What you just said only fills one weapon type not all, that hardly does anything. And the fulmin is #*!%ing awesome.
  2. I will never understand the whole "this doesn't fit the game" schtick. Especially with the kind of tennogen that gets approved time and time again. How does one know if that the art created doesn't fit the game? I'm pretty sure the developers themselves have a say on what fits the game or not since they're literally the creators. How does an onlooker tell a creator how their art is supposed to look? How do you know if the new faction even fits the warframe theme? What defines that idea in your head to say what fits or doesn't fit in the game? It makes no sense if DE themselves are fine with the skin then who are we to tell them otherwise? Plus there's already Saryn Orchid, so there is already a plant-like deluxe skin in the game already. And I'm pretty sure that they stopped making lore related deluxe skins after Valkyr Gersemi. Actually Valkyr Gersemi and to an extent Excalibur Proto-Armor are the only lore deluxe skins. All other deluxe skins henceforth are just cosmetic options with no relation to the lore.
  3. The sentients fight the tenno because they're literally the only thing that can kill them. When they couldn't defeat them they turned them against their creators and remember that the final directive was to kill the tenno but Natah didn't do it. The sentients are just finishing what they started and the tenno are orokin.
  4. Who said there was none left in the system? The fragmented pieces of hunhow should've given you the idea that not all sentients were killed off, him and the Eidolons still alive in present time. They've obviously came from Tau through solar rail technology and or the sentient who Natah refers to as Mother has them all stationed on her. Well besides the fact, no conclusion can be drawn simply because it's behind the New War lore that has yet to been release.
  5. Alad V is excited because he got sentient technology to work with to hybridize his units. What he doesn't like though is the fact that Natah sent the Ropalyst as a watchdog hence why he despises it and helps the tenno. He likes the new toys, he hates the fact that Natah is watching his every move and it doesn't help that the Ropalyst flies around and breaks S#&$.
  6. It's understandable why they didn't do it because that would require a new animation rigging for all the different melee types just for one warframe.
  7. Pressing the operator button during the mission end screen resulted in me using my Madurai focus power (the beam) with the drooped warframe becoming headless and base Excalibur.
  8. 13 Runs you get 3 pieces while there are people who did 10 runs and got 10 chassis. Keep going bro, RNG will bless you soon.
  9. I still don't understand the reasoning on why Nekros's Shadows even need healing anyway. That should be an upkeep that the Nekros player has to focus on. Why not remove the cost completely? What's the benefit to Nekros for his shadows to be healed by other players when he can simply press 4 to heal them back up again? Like literally why did DE only reduced the cost of of healing shadows and not remove it completely because wherever you go Nekros will always be a detriment to Oberon. But I guess since it's only Oberon that's affected that the majority of the playerbase is just sweeping it under the rug.
  10. Prime warframes do not have a toggle for their prime details. What you're referring too is those certain primes that has shoulder armor like Oberon Prime but that isn't only exclusive to primes. Frost also has his own base shoulder armor. I do like the idea of Excal Prime's scar being an auxiliary attachment or just having scarfs as a cosmetic as a whole.
  11. Take note that designers, gameplay programmers and etc are different teams. The lack of time to do things is more or less from the addition of content to the game. Quests, Railjack, and all the big stuff are on Steve's side of the job and people under him.
  12. They removed raids because it was a buggy mess. And raids were a joke after a while.
  13. Yeah have DE not mention anything when they change something. Players will have a field day on them because of that.
  14. That's impossible because having "multiple packs" of content cooking will... well require multiple teams working on different content. Which means increase costs for development because you have more hands on deck. And shortcuts can only go so far until the developers add something completely new for the players for example; Plains of Eidolon which required and introduced a whole new set of mechanics and the length of time it took to implement them, all quests require adding new stuff like motion captures etc etc. Basically what I'm trying to say is, there can be no shortcut when you're developing new content.
  15. I have NO idea how you look at this and say it has fanservice elements lol.
  16. Deluxe skins are from a point of design. The lore doesn't matter. And this frame will have alot less clipping than Nidus deluxe skin.
  17. Hey, you leave inuzuka alone. And all of Inuzuka's deluxe skins have a foot, it just takes the more beast-like approach in the shape of the leg and of having the front end touch the ground. This one though, he completely leaves out the foot.
  18. I disagree. Deluxe skins are always a different take/change or enhancement of the theme of the warframe. This is no different, both Saryn and Khora's deluxe has a plant motif but shows a completely different meaning. Saryn looks more like a poisonous flower while Khora gives the theme of a rose with thorns that is very apparent in her deluxe. It goes well with her and I think of it as an organic take on the chain-wielding warframe. I have to say tho, is it me or did Liger's art looks especially beautiful/more pronounced in for khora's deluxe.
  19. This sounds like total BS. I never understood people's complaint. I can understand that K-Drive feels slow so if that's the case buff the speed or like Jitsuryoku said get a speed boost everytime you do tricks. And the people complaining about this seems like the types that want to get from point A to point B the fastest. So for some reason they scream "Nerf Archwing" because a players wanting to finish the mission quickly is getting to the next area faster than them? It's complete BS. Well I still have Zephyr and Nova in the inventory either way, Max range will be the new king of traversal... again.
  20. Timed missions are like that because of reasons I'm not able to cite. Same reason why faction standings has a limit per day or why Sorties are daily etc etc
  21. If you have such "disposable" income the dispose it into warframe instead of complaining here.
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