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  1. go solo void mot // octavia stay around 2h, and repeat easy clap
  2. the viral procs increase the damage form each pulse (true damage) , but I don't know if it's meant to be.
  3. i think the stats form the normal kronen, check it over link item with [Kronen XY]
  4. yes they have drifferent Dispositions so the riven change
  5. better you post some images, what you exactly mean
  6. this site will help you semlar.com/rivencalc
  7. i think it would be abused too much but kicking someone out after the mission would be good so that you don't have to redo the group every time someone goes afk or doesn't react ----- Inactivity Penalty Update 15.10 "Increased AFK detection timer for reward exclusion from 1 minute to 2 minutes."
  8. with solo survival an enemy radar always helps, even when you camp. When camping, the space is also important. I didn't notice that less life support capsule dropping in steel path
  9. best way to farm steel essence is, in my opinion survival i prefer mot 1.5 to 2h and Killspeed an more kill speed (inaros not) octavian + speed nova // easy clap
  10. when I finished the star card I only had 3-5 extra steel essence and then farm in survival; i prefer void - mot
  11. "Hello XXXX, As you may already know, a recent mission that you completed was flagged for having abnormal results and this has resulted in a two week moratorium on trades being placed on your account. After this auditing period concludes favourably your trading privileges will be restored to your account. Thank you for your understanding. " Copy and paste nothing more you get.
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