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  1. Some great changes, but the BIGGEST thing that makes me not even play with the Kuva Lich system is that I can't play with my friends. This is a coop game, and we are discouraged from playing coop. We need to be able to increase our hate bar with the kuva lich while in other people's missions.
  2. If you do the other objectives and try to do the Sentient Ship last, it ends the mission before you can do the Sentient objective and all the Sentients despawn.
  3. If you do the other objectives and try to do the Sentient Ship last, it ends the mission before you can do the Sentient objective and all the Sentients despawn.
  4. Whenever you trade a mod since today's hotfixes, the warning of it unequiping pops up. Very annoying.
  5. Can you have kills done everything including structures share affinity now, too?
  6. Can you do this for the ESO Ephemera now?
  7. People that are clearly online are "appear offline" so can't invite. This has happened before. How does it keep coming back?
  8. Can we get that on entering a crew ship? If we enter one and there's a bunch of enemies right at the start they can just blap you before you have a chance to do anything.
  9. Can the Iron Skin colour change on Rhino Prime affect Attachments as well? I'm good with it not affecting Syandanas, though I'm sure some people would like it to. A toggle would make everyone happy I think.
  10. When changing frames/loadouts with different Ephemeras, it keeps showing the old ephemera (showing both at once). Even changing appearance slots on the same frame will cause this.
  11. Checking your own railjack while in a squad, either as the host or squad member, screws things up. I've had my reactor not counted, so showed base Capacity and it uninstalled most of my Avionics. Had my ship name erased or replaced by the host's ship name.
  12. RNG sucks, and I hate its predominance in the video game industry. It's not your fault DE, it's just the trend, but you can do better than the other guys. Suggestion 1) A wreckage drop is guaranteed to have a better roll than one you currently have. Suggestion 2) If you don't like A, then let wreckage improve the stats via some kinda fusion. Suggestion 3 [edit]) Let us spend Dirac to improve the RNG stats. Would give us something to actually spend Dirac on... End result: Can keep RNG base, but let us upgrade or get better versions. I hate playing a game where I have no real control over my progression. I want to be able to cap out stats on things, I don't mind grinding for multiple copies to do so, but I DO mind a pure RNG crap shoot. This is why I don't engage with the Kuva Lich content; did one to see how it worked and haven't done a 2nd b/c it's layer upon layer of RNG, and can't play with my friends b/c someone won't be getting their hate bar filled.
  13. I haven't looked. Can PM me in game sometime and I'll show you. It's super disappointing, though would be cool if the two stages of it were separate continuous emotes.
  14. Make the Winged avionics global. The range is too short to be of use to Archwings.
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