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  1. Was actually looking forward to actually getting Conclave standing from Universals. Every time I've tried Conclave there's literally noone else doing it. Tested out with a clanmate, both going in separately and ended up as the only 2 in a match together.
  2. Thanks for addressing this. Not to sound ungrateful, but is there a way we can address response time from DE in the future? The original post was made on March 22nd; it took 5 months for you to respond. It often feels like posting on reddit and tagging Steve on twitter is a more effective method to report bugs than this official bug reporting forum. I'm not asking for immediate fixes (I get that it can take time, and there's a priority), but just a post of "we know this is an issue and are working on it" would do wonders. We can know that we're not just shouting into the void.
  3. Chornoboh


    Hey DE, can we get refunds on dojo decorations? Or ya know, fix it. Either way.
  4. Chornoboh


    Can I have metal back for dojos and not this plastic?
  5. Make it pearl per team kill, not your own individual kills. Way you have it now encourages kill stealing (trolling)
  6. Oloro still bugged. Bow Dryad Skin got stealth fixed (not in patch notes), so had my hopes up for this but alas...
  7. Can you fix things (visual bugs, polarity issues, etc) that have been problems for months/years? Like it's great you're fixing things you just broke, but how about giving some love to all the things that have been broken for a long time now?
  8. Oloro still bugged. Fix this. Is spamming on reddit and twitter the only way to get things fixed? Should I be on there instead of official forums?
  9. Cool. Now can you fix any of the bugs that have been going on for months/years?
  10. Energy doesn't change everything any more, always yellow no matter what I set it to. Something about this patch messed it up (was working fine pre-wu-prime patch). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s1LYyhbBNrgEJh4r-1aUIDYQWLym_Wk5
  11. So Para MOA seems fine now, but Oloro still bugged. Seriously, how do you fix one but not the other? I'd think it's the exact same problem...
  12. More chill than Vodyanoi. I like Arbs for Endo. If they made all Rivens purchasable from Arb then Sorties stop being played. If Kuva is added then all the Kuva content stops being played. Also, f-kuva. I do NOT want to see Kuva as a reward.
  13. A lot of hotfixes lately, and still nothing on this.
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