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  1. i honestly couldnt see DE fixing any Remaining 32bit/DX9bugs unless super serious due to @[DE]Steve stating that in '19 they are dropping support for 32Bit Versions of Windows& DirectX 9 (well i hope thats steve Sinclair's forum handle anyway.) for players still using verry legacy systems.. they cannot hold onto support foreverjust for a small minority of the playerbase be a Founder or not, sunk alot of hours or not. 8+ year old systems are struggling in many configurations to run Warframe. and sooner or later even if support wasnt dropped, it would be just unplayable. theres no easy way for them to drop even ANY of thier player base do Keep in mind for those that will get phased out, if you have a switch atleast you'll be able to "Clone/link" your data over and continue. . otherwise Saveup and upgrade.
  2. same the reverted fixes should be left to EXPERIMENTAL FLIGHT. there are many of us who actively avoid archwing or haveto be carefull because of motion sickness, i have gotten sick so many times from teh rotation disorientation! (lost a keyboard to it cause acidy watery vomit + electronics dont mix... ewww.) (and mange dto post on PS4 tag. Whoops shoulda logged in on PC-WF forum login . Point is still valid.
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