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  1. Just went to the market on my orbiter to check out Prime Vault Trinity and Nova Dual Pack and afternoon I click on it I am taken to the PlayStation store and it is not there.
  2. I get alerts on my tablet from both the Warframe app and Twitch but I have never received one for a stream on Monday. Is there a stream on Monday’s that I am missing because I get the alerts for all of the other streams throughout the week.
  3. Every mission with friends or in any kind of group if I am host everyone else is kicked if not I am kicked
  4. The connection to the Host has been lost returning to the multiplayer menu. This happens all the time since the update. When I am with friends when I have an open squad. It really sucks when trying to help someone or putting a group together for a task such as a Sortie.
  5. I can not even go to my Dojo right now or start up a mission this needs to get fixed and fast I can’t select anything from navigation. edit: after resetting my button mapping I can select missions and my Dojo but I sure hope I don’t have to do this every time I start up Warframe
  6. Same and it needs to be addressed soon
  7. Same for me. This really needs to be fixed and soon.
  8. I set up my hot keys on PS4 so that I can swipe with the touch pad to put out things like energy pads and since the update none of them work even though when I look at my controller configuration it says they are assigned the way I had them.
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