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  1. When I try to invite someone, game says could not invite the player and when someone tries to invite me they say im appearing to be offline but im not. Also I can't play any public missions either despite my mission option being public. Like every mission is solo. Please help me, how can I fix this.
  2. oooohhh now i figured, so using aura mod makes aura slot compatible with all polarities. sorry to bother you my mistka problem solved :D
  3. so while applying aura forma i need to put a mod that has my desired polarity in the aura slot? In this case it's quite confusing since it's my first time using aura forma and I thought it would be same as using normal forma except for the aura slot, if thats how aura formas work then it's just bad design, it should have let me pick a polarization.
  4. I bought aura forma bundle from in game market today and tried applying one of them to my rank 30 saryn prime. I clicked polarization and since i had normal forma as well it directed me to picking which type of forma i want to use and i chose aura forma. Following that it asked me if i was sure i wanted to use that and i said ok, then it proceeded to warn me that this action would reset my warframes rank, however at that point i was not provided any polarization change option prior to that warning so i assumed i would pick my desired polarization after i click ok to that warning. It immediatel
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