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  1. Ok, good advice! Which node dis you do this on? Also, what kind of build should I run? I'm assuming gas and slash, or maybe viral slash, but not sure. Thanks EDIT: I tried some maps, it seems like with khora its best with the most open maps. Not really sure which maps are the most open
  2. Ok so a couple of questions. 1) What are the best maps to do a survival endurance run? I'm talking spawn rates, choke points, Kills per minute, and scenery that wouldn't get too boring 2) Is it better to camp in a room and hold a choke point, or is it better to move around the map, spending only a few minutes at each "spot"? Or does it not matter? (To maximize kills per minute) 3) I've been using invisibility ash, but (some) of the acolytes have been able to kill me while I was invisible. This also happens when I'm in void mode trying to activate capsules. Any idea how this is h
  3. My bad. All of them are maxed arcanes. Also, grace/energize on ps4 are selling for about 400p right now. Normally, its like 500-600. Also, when I mentioned 100p I didn't mean sell them from 100p, but for 100p less than the regular price. Also, people are stupid. Most think that just because there is (will be) an alternative way to farm arcanes, grace/energize is suddenly 10p. This is exactly what happened in OVE (Yes, people were buying AND selling at 10p-15p r0 legendaries). Most of these people didn't realize that even with a maxed out squad, eidolon hunting would yield more stuf
  4. Hello, So I stockpiled all the arcanes I farmed from OVE. I was gonna sit on them for a month or two more before I start selling (3 grace 2 energize 1 aegis 1 guardian). However, the patch notes for the new update came out and apparently there will be a new missions where you can farm arcanes. Arcanes (grace/energize) right now still aren't 500-600 yet (I'm on console). Given that there will be a new way to farm arcanes, does it make sense to panic sell them now for 100p less per arcane? Any advice is appreciated since I don't know much about this topic. Thank you!
  5. I'm not using combo mods like blood rush like I used to, I found that CO with nukor does more damage than a 2x combo and bloodrush/gladiator mods.
  6. Ah well I'm not concerned about clearing enemies of the steel path, whn you have the nukor lol, just looking for highest damage output for reference
  7. Thank you for your answers!
  8. Are smite mods good? I have been looking for a clear answer to this question, but haven't found any (people have mixed feelings about it). I know they won't be useful outside their respective faction, but when I DO use it with the correct faction is it good? By definition of good, I mean is it as good as pressure point (120% melee damage)? Or maybe is the base version not as good as pressure point, but the primed version is? I have one slot left for my redeemer, which I am preparing for the index, so I was thinking about putting in smite corpus mod instead of spoiled strike (100
  9. I stacked up to 1200+ seconds, there were so many points (somewhere between 300-500) in the game, but they were either hoarded by the bots on my team or the bots on enemy team. The enemy bots often get stuck in my 4 so I clean them up, but the enemy bots were milling around their spawn (my bank) too. I was wondering why no one was killing no one, and I was afraid to go out of my camp cause I could get one shot easily, but then I did and see that the enemy bots are literally just chilling. I might have stumbled upon a game breaking bug, but considering I got gang banged by 4 camping enemy
  10. Index is frozen on start screen after host migration. Apparently this has been a bug on pc for more than 2 years, and its still in ps4
  11. Sorry to revive an old topic, but the bots need a serious rework. I was using limbo, camping at enemy bank, and two spector with 100 points each were standing right in front of me, milling around. Meanwhile the timer ticked down to 0 seconds.
  12. Yes sorry, I edited the post now to solve the confusion. Thank you
  13. What about the son tokens. I agree that that the overall grind is actually very easy, but 40 son tokens are outrageous. I've been playing for 3 hours and only have 4 tokens plus some extra tags that can't be cashed in
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