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  1. Ok so I did two runs really quickly on low, and points were just accumulating near the enemy bank when I was killing them. The enemies has anywhere from 10-30 points, and everytime they died, someone else picked them up. However, in the second round, i mistimed picking up the points and nearly died with like 50 points. If you or anyone have any experience with making sure you don't die, or ways to speed it up even more, it would be much appreciated. The two runs combined took me 3 minutes and 16 seconds.
  2. If I go in solo with specters, and I camp at the enemy bank, let specters and enemies kill each other and stop enemies from banking, and let the green things laying around near enemy bank until i got a good amount, would that work? Thanks
  3. Status multiplies damage by 2-3 times. That's all im gonna say...
  4. I could, but that expends extra energy, and I just want to cast whipclaw once and have everything be dead lol
  5. My bad. I know what a stat stick is (I have one), but I didn't know what to call this. Stat stick is something you use for its stats rather as a regular weapon, so I thought it would be fitting for this too, since I am looking for a weapon that has specific stats to fit my need. With that being said, the people who answered before me probably didn't bother to correct me cause they were trying to answer my question, not try to be a know-it-all 😄 As for Whipclaw already being powerful, it still isn't good enough for higher levels (2000+) on the steel path, even with a groll riven. I'
  6. Huh?? No offence, but clearly you have never used khora before, and you don't understand how status works. How Status Works: Max viral procs on an enemy multiplies the damage done to health by 325% Max Corrosive procs reduces enemy armor up to 80% Max Heat procs reduces enemy armour by up to 50% My Whipclaw does 1.6 million damage raw damage (against infested ancients - no armor). If I put viral status procs, its goes to over 5 million damage. At the moment, I can only put Heat AND EITHER viral OR corrosive, meaning I get 2/3 procs mentioned.
  7. I need corrosive, viral, and heat, this is not for CO, but for KHORA
  8. This is to spread procs in a group of enemies. I have the tysis, its insane for single target but isn't good for a group
  9. So I'm trying to find a primary/secondary weapon that is able to have corrosive, viral, and heat together, with a decent status chance, and either a big punch through potential or AOE capabilities. The goal is to cast ensnare, use this weapon to proc viral/corrosive/heat, and then use whipclaw. Currently I am using the ignis wraith, but it only has heat ans either corrosive OR viral, but not both. I'm thinking about the scourge right now because it has corrosive already built in (so i can mod for viral and heat), and has a small 1.7m blast radius, but I don't know if it the best weapon for the
  10. So I did a mission of the balor famorian, but I didn't get the reward, Is there a certain number of times we have to do the mission to get the reward, or do we get it after the event is over? Thanks
  11. Is the damage from accumulating whipclaw an additive damage (like pressure point) or does it affect base damage (like power strength on khora increases whipclaw's base damage). I'm asking because if it affects the base damage, then pressure point will increase the damage by 1620 (1350 * 1.2) instead of 360 (300 * 1.2) Thanks
  12. Question in title, I wanna scan em for the simulacrum. Thanks!
  13. I'm thinking about trading my arcane grace for an arcane energize. The only time arcane grace is useful for me is with Inaros + melee build, but with the daikyu mod I can regen thousands of health per second anyway (making the grace almost useless). Considering that many frames, more so the damage ones, can be very energy hungry, is it worth to do this trade?
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