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  1. Monk fists wouldnt make sense if they had slash or puncture. A punch is just so, impact. Now if he had an augument......
  2. Wtf I always thought of doing this, but thought it was possible this whole time xD
  3. It hits on a vertical axis. More so than exalted blade
  4. It already goes thru walls. I find it entertaining
  5. Only way I see this happening is if warframe gets a sandbox server. Fresh start with broken mechanics. Not intractable with the "normal server" Phantasy Star Online ephinea did it.
  6. I picked volt. I was imagining being like that electric guy from star wars His 1 was cool, then I forgot I had abilities and kept using my weapons until I got a new frame
  7. Omg I just thought of ninja turtles for SNES
  8. Maybe allow holding boost on k drive longer to get to high speeds exceeding archwings. Normal : holding forward Boost : R3 (ps4) Fastest : holding R3 for 1.5 seconds (ps4) Sorry don't know PC kbs
  9. K drives would be too hard to drive at breakneck speeds. Get ready for nerfs
  10. Or a red box, which was actually just an orokin cell
  11. Vazarin void dash works wonders on high health things Theres also an arcane u get from little duck at max rank that heals 20% per sec when nearby in void mode. Lot of toroids tho
  12. Damn. Thx for the info I'll still try it with various mods anyways just to see it myself 🙂
  13. Has anyone tried shattering impact on his 4. Its all impact damage xD I dont consider than under powered (if it works)
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