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  1. The higher your mastery, the more mod space you have at rank 0 etc. I'm a firm believer in it proving experience level (not always), such as knowing how to use frames and general etiquette. That's how I feel, but I still play pubs and dont filter out MR in recruiting chat unless a friend makes the suggestion. Some of those tests are meant to test skill level and prevent "inexperienced players" from progressing. Hence the titles?
  2. Monk fists wouldnt make sense if they had slash or puncture. A punch is just so, impact. Now if he had an augument......
  3. Wtf I always thought of doing this, but thought it was possible this whole time xD
  4. It hits on a vertical axis. More so than exalted blade
  5. It already goes thru walls. I find it entertaining
  6. Only way I see this happening is if warframe gets a sandbox server. Fresh start with broken mechanics. Not intractable with the "normal server" Phantasy Star Online ephinea did it.
  7. I picked volt. I was imagining being like that electric guy from star wars His 1 was cool, then I forgot I had abilities and kept using my weapons until I got a new frame
  8. Omg I just thought of ninja turtles for SNES
  9. Maybe allow holding boost on k drive longer to get to high speeds exceeding archwings. Normal : holding forward Boost : R3 (ps4) Fastest : holding R3 for 1.5 seconds (ps4) Sorry don't know PC kbs
  10. K drives would be too hard to drive at breakneck speeds. Get ready for nerfs
  11. Or a red box, which was actually just an orokin cell
  12. Vazarin void dash works wonders on high health things Theres also an arcane u get from little duck at max rank that heals 20% per sec when nearby in void mode. Lot of toroids tho
  13. Damn. Thx for the info I'll still try it with various mods anyways just to see it myself 🙂
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