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  1. Clan name: Gates of Mordor Clan Tier: Moon Clan Platform: ps4 Clan Role: founding warlord Featured image:http://imgur.com/gallery/q1xGmxQ http://imgur.com/gallery/tl7R1A7
  2. We are a family trying to grow all rooms inspired by clan members with out the clan would not be possible so much more to see fully decorated dojo inloveingemory of my father I put his truck in our office area
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/FSVbzBBmEQfMgt7N8 Clan name - Gates of mordor Clan tier -storm Clan platform-ps4 Founding warlord - Taylortcb1981 Slot of rooms inspired and brought to life thru clan members and in memory of my father who passed I put him his truck in the clan if not for clan members would nót be possible
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