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  1. my wife plays warframe with a couple friends and myself, and she is partially colorblind. is there a way we can get a colorblind mode setting for warframe players that suffer from colorblindness?
  2. i was playing limbo on a lich mission, adn when i failed to parazon my lich successfully, i got knocked out and couldnt move but i wasnt dead and could not /unstuck
  3. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  4. sorry, only support can help with what i am aware of, and this is the wrong thread for that
  5. suggestion @[DE]Rebecca for failed parazon attempts, have the lich die, but ressurect itself in front of you as it leaves
  6. i was playing a mission and a bombard had its back turned behind a fan. as soon as i broke the fan, i got hit with a bombard missile WITH its back still turned to me unaware.
  7. Suggestion; Have the Lich get a death and revive animation for a failed parazon requiem attempt
  8. Suggestion; Have the Lich get a death and revive animation for a failed parazon requiem attempt
  9. Is this year going to focus on fine tuning the game, fixing old problems, touching base with the many 'islands' of content that is forgotten or isnt touched anymore? Is the current issue of gameplay balance being broken [enemies being too tanky and deal insane damage, as well as adaptation not working properly] going to be patched soon? Last devstream where Liches were VERY briefly touched upon had given quite a handful of us the impression that the feedback we gave for them doesnt mean anything. Is there changes to their implementation and gameplay on the way? They seem very anti player currently and many dont want to even play them.
  10. During different Empyrean Railjack missions, my weapon mods for my equipment completely stopped working at random intervals when switching between locations, and would only start working after a location reset or death respawn. This is absolutely crippling as one person is gimped to half of the things they need to do across a mission, unable to help with ramsled boardings, breaking crewship reactors or defending themselves inside Points of Interests.
  11. DE my entire running team has had a major issue with the current standing of the Lich system and the Insta-death mechanic involved with "killing" the Lich. We are all willing to: Deal with the grind for Requiems Farm for the Relics and crack them for the Requiems Grind out Murmurs, though they can use another decrease for the last Murmur Fight the Lich as a random spawn, though it needs a dedicated node once you have all the Murmurs The one thing NONE of us have the patience or willingness to continue putting effort to this system is the failed Parazon attempts. With respect to the devs who put forth the effort in making these bosses, the current animation set of a failed parazon and leveling up Lich HEAVILY contradicts what was said during todays Devstream. The lich does not die when you fail a Parazon because it stands next to your corpse that you had no way of preventing after committing to trying a parazon combo, and taunts you visibly before vanishing, and taunting you verbally.
  12. Will we get a change to the instant death counters for the liches? Its highly anti player to have such a mechanic imo
  13. Question: will we ever get the incentive to help with liches back? Kuva doesnt seem worth it at all. The addition of kuva dropping when a player fails a parazon on a kuva lich in my opinion has no value at all to encourage or 'reward' the players in assisting others fight their liches. There is no drive to help because you don't get anything out of it worth pursuing. We already get kuva on kuva on more kuva from siphons and floods, to requiem relics trying to get the mods to defeat the lich in the first place. From what I've seen, there isn't the incentive anymore compared to when a fellow player failed a parazon and everyone gained murmurs as a result in the past.
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