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  1. concept for lest used faction the corrupted Having looked at the corrupted I have come to one simple conclusion they are underused and underdeveloped given that we all know that the infected are next to get an open world area I feel that the corrupted should get an update to make them more menacing this includes updating there aesthetics, weapons and unit types weapons in order to up the danger factor of the corrupted I will suggest am update to weapon load out (note the weapons might not need to much more powerful as it is noted that tenno do seem to be much more deadly with Grineer and Corpus weapons than they do so slightly lesser prime weapons in stats should both scare players and make them look much more deadly) (note although both Dakra Prime and Boar Prime are described as being made by tenno I suspect that they were made during the late orokin era and thus I felt free to include them.) note my Ideas are very much work in porgress Corrupted Lancer Exchanging it’s dera for the always classic Braton Prime both are similar types of weapons from game mechanic stand point so little change necessary. Corrupted Butcher Swapping it’s Cleaver for the much more impressive Dakra Prime adding a touch of elegance to this former grineer alternately going for a much more grineer Powerfist vibe give it Ankyros Prime to play with. Corrupted Heavy Gunner Trading it’s primitive gorgon and back up Sheev for the far more elegant Soma Prime and a single Fang Prime as its back up weapon ready to destroy the enemy with ease. Corrupted Crewman the Corrupted Crewman swapped it’s Strun for the much more impressive Boar Prime slight behaviour modification will most likely be need Corrupted Nullifier Exchanging it’s Lanka for a Rubico Prime and updated it’s back up weapon to the Silva Prime mace for a more elegant look Corrupted MOA All ready fairly good I literally can not think of a way to make the worse Corrupted Drones I have no idea Corrupted Bombard All ready fairly good I literally can not think of a way to make the worse and the utter lack of tenno rocket luncher let alone a prime on makes updating a real nightmare Corrupted Ancient All ready fairly good I literally can not think of a way to make them worse aesthetics Corrupted Grineer Corrupted Corpus Corrupted Ancient new unit types Dax war spectre based on the spectres used by teshin in the war within I purpose 5 new semi elite to elite units category semi elite blue Dax war spectre Nikana Prime using with an ice Shield to protect it self and leaves a frozen path in its wake white Dax war spectre hunt at range with Cernos Prime bows black Dax war spectre highly mobile enemy units to turn invisible and hurling Spira Prime at foes, turning invisible and able to walk on walls category elite gold Dax war spectre Orvius and Boltor Prime red Dax war spectre Reaper Prime, Hikou Prime and Paris Prime one
  2. need a squad to help me kill Lephantis it is the last thing I need to be able to get to Eris is any one willing to help me
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