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  1. Yes lads! btw any word on anniversary event?
  2. As a med student ironically listening to a cardiovascular surgery lecture whilst stumbling across this post, I find this comparison utterly absurd. You just cannot compare some little hunt in a video game to heart surgery.
  3. Oh no... This thread has strayed too far from the path. Moderators need to close this thread immediately!
  4. It does not scale properly, appears to float laterally and above the shoulders and also restricts the field of view for some warframes.
  5. You've answered something I never asked. I'm not talking about how long it takes to earn a kuva weapon. Did I even say that was a problem? No. Was it a question of knowledge and efficiency? No. I'm talking about how first you have to grind the mods from relics, then you have to run multiple times to spawn the weapon you want, then the stats on the weapon also depend on RNG, then you've gotta kill the thralls and get the lich to spawn etc. Oh and not to forget the 20% chance for the ephemeras. I hope the corpus queenpins are not like this.
  6. The RNG aspect of the current kuva liches really grinds my gears.
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