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  1. I feel like they put one 0 too many on credits requirements.
  2. I can't create Kuva Lich. I'm doing different LEVEL 20 + missions (exterminate, sabotage, defense, infiltration) the screen is flickering but the larva is not spawning. After some time, Kuva guy sais they retrieve the larva and that's it. I'm playing solo. Edit: Going to the public mission solved the problem. Marker appeared and the larva was there.
  3. What a coincidence! I also decided to leave my current clan, and start my own for the sole purpose, to mess with rooms and decorations. Don't forget to plan the order in which you will build your rooms, some can't be built if others aren't ready. I wish you good luck! Also, I hope we both will be ready for the dry dock when it comes. 🙂 https://dojoplanner.stom66.co.uk/ <- link for dojo planner
  4. I actually had a Warframe related dream last night. It was pretty realistic but it definitely was not fun. Also, the only part that could be turned into an update was a new tileset that could be called "Grineer resource recovery facility". In that dream, I woke up as Grineer Lancer lying on a top of a huge pile of other Grineer Lancers bodies. I tried to remember what happened, but before anything came to my mind, the bodies shifted and I started slowly sliding down. I heard the horrifying sound of crushed bones and metal. I took a look around and understood where I am. I was dumped into a massive funnel to shredding machine. In this place, all dead Greener was dismantled, their flesh and metal components segregated and reused to feed and repair living ones. I saw a long conveyor belt and Grineer working alongside it. I started to shout. -Guys. I'm not dead. Can you please stop this thing? Guys! GUYS!!!- I screamed louder and louder but didn't saw any reaction. At that moment I understood that they all hear me, but they just don't care. Stopping machines for a Lancer was a waste of time. That's how much Grineer life is worth. I started to crawl to the edge of the funnel fighting hard for every inch. Eventually, I managed to get out. I rested for a while then joined workers. I don't want more Warframe dreams.
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