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  1. Because it's SpooOoOoooOooPTooooOooOooBERrrrrrRrrRrRRr
  2. I think it will to an extent. At least I hope so. Something small like a few eyeballs on your tentacle/infested stuff.
  3. Hmm not sure why you're taking it seriously 😕 I was merely voicing an opinion of an idea I had when playing Dark Souls 3 and looking up the covenants. It's hard not to use it as an example when it was the origin that spawned the idea. If I were trying to propose an actual idea I'd think about it a bit more and write it up in a new topic, not casually replying to someone who brought up the stalker mode (which is what connected the idea I had of the Stalker mode and syndicate rep gaining in general). edit: Just had to add, why even say don't use other games as examples? Why not? It's as if humanity didn't evolve by working off of the ideas of other things. Or are you one of those "Everything is a copy of WoW/CoD/PUBG/etc"? I mean I don't know about you or anyone else but I think discussing something using examples from other sources is fine as long as it's not "HEY THIS IS DOING IT BETTER DO IT LIKE THIS".
  4. Mm not forced PvP. Its basically the game mode they showed but only to those that are eligible to being invaded. So nothing would change apart from the fact that the Stalker may be another player. I dont want a dedicated PvP mode. It would split the community. They already added in a FORM of PvP and even trading, both things they weren't going to add in fear of adding a "market" and needing to balance for the PvPers. So don't get me wrong, I don't suggest them adding a dedicated full fledged PvP mode. I'm just talking about an idea that would be cool to implement. And they could easily prevent abusing. Make it one of the ways we get more reputation for a faction (in this case the Hunhow one) like we have with the treasure hunting we do now and limit it to 3 per day. So instead of looking for the relics to give us rep you would go do your bidding as Stalker up to 3 times. And of course it would work like Stalker now where youd have to be marked to even be invaded.
  5. Hmm you may not have read it the way I typed it. I'm not saying make Warframe Dark Souls. I was just thinking of the Covenants system that it has and how each one is fairly different in terms of what you do to gain rep with them. Currently Syndicates are all the same way of gaining rep with the same type of rewards. Now I'm not saying that the rewards need to changed but rather that way you gain reputation with a specific faction are all too similar. Don't get me wrong. I love Warframe ever since CBT and any change that happens is always great for me as breathing a new light to a game whose core game has never really changed (using space ninjas to farm X Y Z). It's my go to action loot min max game. I was just bringing up an idea I had while playing Dark Souls 3 a while back and how each syndicate had different ways to gain rep. If they added that to Warframes current syndicates in that you can gain increased rep daily thru their own respective ways would be cool in comparison to looking around the map for a hidden item ti pick up. One example having a Hunhow/Stalker/Sentinel syndicate in which you gain rep with successful kills as a stalker. Another could be one much like the warriors of sunlight who join groups that have slots open and help them out.
  6. I've talked about having that mode in this game years ago and after they finally showed it I was ecstatic! After the whole reputation stuff with the factions I thought about how cool it would be to have one that was dedicated to Hunhow (or anyone else) that gave you the Warframe equivalent of a red soapstone. Which could possibly come with an update to have more gameplay oriented things like this for each faction much like Dark Souls has.
  7. I can see either today or tomorrow. The fact they've been silent today up till now makes me think they're trying to release it today. But if it seems like itll take a little longer then they may wait till tomorrow. As much as I wanted to have this come out yesterday (No but really like a month ago) I'm just glad its finally happening.
  8. Pretty much this. I mean look at every other update we've had for frames. People always yelling about nerfs when really they're either buffs or they get rid of boring play styles without changing much of functionality or numbers.
  9. Well from what I've seen with how spawning works they should never spawn WAY WAY WAY out of your tileset. Maybe only a couple over. This I think was tested in an extermination where X number of enemies are spawned at a time (only spawning another when one dies) so if you don't kill anything and run ahead they'll despawn and spawn closer. So I dont think you have to worry about this problem
  10. This comment sounds like you're back pedaling. You said "Whip-top? but she dont have a whip now..." You did not point out her exalted whip but that she doesn't have a whip at all, which she does on her 1. Please don't throw shade and then try to justify your statement. You commented she doesn't have a whip. You were replied to with the fact her 1 has a whip. End of replies. On topic: Hope the update comes out tomorrow! Halo Online 0.6.0 comes out on Friday and sadly I haven't gotten my hands on a real life Duality augment to enjoy both over the weekend ;.;
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