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  1. I would like to see these people play the old beta when there was 10 slots to mods but 4 were used by your skill cards making you chose to go powerless and have 10 mod slots or having your skills and only 6 slots to mod Oh And no exilus slot also
  2. Exactly I've also messed soo much with some of my weapons and frames that I can say some have near 15 formas Is it frustrating yes do I regret doing that no it's part of the game fun try to find your own play style
  3. I'm going to be that guy Mr30 blessings are kinda of a big joke The 25% is almost meaningless And the choices come on They should really tweak buffs To 50% values and lower the time to 2h or even 1h only but make them available to give every 12h Keep Affinity but increase to +50% Switch drop for plus resources +50% Keep Credits increase to +50% Switch the other buffs for For a something more unique Like example x-amount 1/2 of nitain or some other rare drop resource to all but make the resource random per mr30 someone can give today exam
  4. at first i tought they reworked the kitguns but that is showing in all secondary wepons not only kitguns XD
  5. exacly based on how much you put effort to the dailly you get a bonus at the end of the week
  6. couldn't have said any better thats exacly my point of view
  7. for some godly wierd af reason my secondary ui started showing me these stats
  8. whats more to say i can make a unbra build without having to forma a umbra slot thats what im saying simple as that
  9. You know there's no actual use for umbra formas as of now unless they makes new umbra mods witch I really doub so it's pretty much a niche subject not a incentive at all in my book And I'm referring to do the alerts why even bother doing them at all if you can do surv and get better results This will be exactly like syphons most players don't even care about normal syphons only the higher one or go surv and arbi So if they gave incentive weekly bonus to player who did all the daily alerts every day more players would do them
  10. FIRST OF ALL Let's talk about the new steel farm The steel drop are lower than before yes but In a way is much more fun and Now it's a more friendly Public matchmaking game mode and not a specific team or solo farming so in general yes it's a really good change BUT NOW LETS TALK ALERT INCENTIVES And here is my idea it would be nice if the steel alerts gave player a incentive nothing too exaggerated like if you complete all alerts each day at every Sunday you earn a weekly X-steel bonus Because let's be honest if you can do endless farm in surv there's no act
  11. I've seen the recent changes to nekros and let me say this rework is nowhere near a good change to it or to make people actually care about it Let put it this way NEKROS IS A NECROMANCER this is how the rework of his 1 should have been Soul punch should be renamed to soul grab or soul link High duration ability That makes Target takes a portion of the dmg that nekros take and if caster dies before ability runs out the Target gets its life force drained by force to revive nekros A 1 time use every 90 sec With option to reduce the cooldown by 1or2sec using dececrate
  12. but theres already a use for salvage and ferrite alloy the helminth uses them as food and even most of the resources are used as food either for the hilminth so a reset count with slivers or kuva convertion is not a bad idea since that resource is direcly linked to rivens that the point of this post
  13. even if they limit 3 rolls per day with slivers its already a great change for a resource that is just there colecting dust
  14. thats a good idea also like spend 100 slivers to reset all rolls from a riven that would be really great and usefull
  15. try doing khora smeeta 2x and drop chance you can get 100 per 2h surv run
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