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  1. When or if this will ever happen Pls make equinox and wukong Clones use the fire mode your weapon is when casting the clone or make them able to switch It's pissing me off If they can detonate Penta grenades that uses alt button Why can't they use zenith stradavar zarr etc alt fires that makes no sense at all
  2. Dam finally someone who talks about stug you should see my rework and give me your opinion What I suggested would fix stug without augments pls go check it out sometime
  3. I simply love sarpa and to be honest haven't even use redeemer prime after lvl it up Sarpa is fast shreds everything I'm just mad for them puting redeemer in the razor bundle when it doesn't even have slash whatsoever it should have been sarpa not that one but oh well
  4. primary they haven't put any secondary mods in nightwave yet and there's only 1 primary rocket launcher the ogris and it's a worthless weapon compared to grenade launcher s Penta and tonkor
  5. Right now the only thing I'm pissed is the after 30 rewards we get 15 creeds that's a joke At least give 5k kuva formas or at least 25/30 creed points So we can get kuca when it shows up in the market Because 15creeds x 4 rank a week =60 creeds 10k kuva costs 50 creeds 1 wolf beacon 50 creeds Lmao the costs are higher than the wins
  6. Your right there are 2 weapons that only have 2 the gunblades and the nunchaku But dual gunblades I don't think we will get them ever 1 is already more overpower than most weapons but a dual wield like the glaives would be most welcome
  7. If we are talking about making a weapon useful they I nominate SEER KRAKEN STUG good mods to makes these good weapons
  8. I tough the same that's was sarpa coming with mesa prime but then they said redeemer As for the razor gunplay bundle I never understand why they choose redeemer instead or sarpa that was higher slash and fits better for the bundles but that's DE for you
  9. I would do 1000 or more runs on any missions just to he a part for a sarpa vandal 😎
  10. Ik that sadly but That's why I said prisma or vandal too so they do the 2 prime versions of it It would be great to have a prisma sarpa or a sarpa vandal. Redeemer got buffed to god lvl yes but I still prefer to use my sarpa redeemer does huge DMG but the blast proc is horrible and it feels slow clunky to use in my opinion
  11. Let's face it there's only 2 gunblades in the game as of now and since redeemer got primed when can we expect a better version of its slashy brother\sister SARPA
  12. But your wrong stug in theory Doesn't even have a UT's Watch drakgoon spread fire vs alt focus shot that does insane DMG and completely different mechanics Now stug normal shot does exactly the same as the alt fire Why charge for 3 sec to shoot 1 condensed shot If you shot 3 from normal does the same as charge and much faster That's why I'm pitching a idea to rework or enhance this weapon Because let's face it stug is by far the most poorly made weapon in the game as of now
  13. that's what I was aiming for As his gun is much like identical to stub But a higher version of it witch make more sense for them to rework this old weapon
  14. My rework idea or possible wraith version Ps all feedback is welcome This is stug a grineer chemical masterpiece created from erath most dangerous toxin injectors samples On primary fire stug shoots a toxin bouble that on impact exlodes creating a aoe toxin dmg But be careful tenno It is as deadly as it sounds so avoid to shoot it near you or you might suffer the same fate Getting to crowded or pin on a tight spot Acid shower releases stug full mag as a tactical flee or fight spray within a 5 meter radius that stuns and Corrodes the victim hit by it STATS Primary fire Sound alarming Cc 15% Fire rate 2.5 Mag 20 reload speed 2 Sc 15% 100 toxin half for aoe Alt fire aka acid shower Sound alarming Cc 5% Fire rate 4 Mag 20 reload speed 2 Sc 30% 150 corrosive
  15. ty for the hotfix now i have noticed that the vault with the balls breakes the AI and if you stay inside they just run around the vault and cant kill you not sure if its a bug but still pls give a look at that too
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