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  1. Your weapons can be fast but mine is a diamond in disguise You can outperform me in simple missions But I shine in over 1 hour aurv missions I'm ARCA TITRON XD
  2. We finally gonna have a kuva hind so happy about it let's hope they don't screw it like they did karak
  3. As a fellow flux lover I really love the idea beam weapons really need some love again
  4. I love javlock ik it's weaker than ferrox and scourge but I just love the ragdoll spear throw does so much that I can't part with it
  5. Me too I miss my hind sadly have to build a new now because I sold it when I switched to stradavar a while back ( We are going to have a kuva hind ) Really happy about it and nukor is Getting a kuva variant too
  6. There's a bug on exiting the crew if you skip you go directly to mission waypoint and sometimes even get stuck inside the tile itself pls look into it
  7. Yes but the dif is small I know I have a seer and kuva seer and the dif is like 15to20% dif in stat wise So it would have 180 ish cc and cd and still over 350% dmg witch would be a overkill to an aoe weapon making a 100% weapon to get a nerf hammer hard
  8. PLAGUE PARACYST cc 20 Cd 2 Fire rate 8 full auto Mag 100 Sc 20 Reload 2 Dmg 50 viral ALT FIRE aka harpoon convert it to a ultil Consuming 25 ammo per harpoon 5% from total primary dmg stats Is converted into a blood drain effect that lasts 10 sec as long as player stays within 10 meters of the target or the target dies
  9. Share your idea on how you would like the stats to be Your marelok wish really needs to go kuva rate the weapon is amazing but to unbalanced on stats
  10. Yes true but according to riven dispo I not wise to pitch a idea with higher stats when a riven can go as far as 200% cc and cd and above 400% dmg
  11. For the sake of keeping it simple Pls Call "KUVA" to grineer weapons "GROFIT" to corpus weapons "PLAGUE" to infested weapons I'll start with the oldest fun meme gun Kuva stug Cc 10% Cd 1.5 Fire rate 7 Status 5% Mag 20 Reload 1.5 Dmg 10 corrosive on impact AOE stats Cc 10% Cd 2 Status 15% Dmg 100 per corrosive stack max 5 On Max stacks automatic explodes dealing 500 corrosive Aoe range 0.5 meters Single blob detonation delay 0.25 sec ALT UTIL Full mag sludge spray release Cc 0 Cd 0 Fire rate 5 Range 8 meters Status 35% 150 corrosive dmg Targets affected by sludge Receive additional dmg from blob explosions
  12. Pls fix the complete loss UI bug That happens a lot in railjack after the forge bugs out and stays stuck when you pulled it I can tell you how many times I ad to quit after that will upload a pic as soon as I can to this post
  13. They should add humanoid specters ia to be able to mount lateral guns and defend the ship That would them a purpose if you use them on the ship and not just stand there looking like a statue XD
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