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  1. I think one of them might be an odd number so if it is a 2 shots per button press you may want to switch over to bullet dance for the odd number one. the numbers i gave earlier were just off the top of my head recollections to get in the ball park.
  2. yes as long as your attack hits you will get the armor strip regardless of whether or not the eidolon takes damage, you also need more than ten shots. IIRC it's something like 20, 22,24 or along those lines to get into the "goldilocks" zone for the eidolon armor strip remember that you don't want to strip all of it as stripping just most of it and using Radiation will do more damage overall.
  3. no it doesn't but from what i can tell as I posted in my first post in the thread the stropha isn't consistent with how much combo you get from it so there's no way to tell when you've gotten to the Goldilocks zone with the eidolon's armor without manually counting your shots, IMHO this makes the Stropha worthless for the task.
  4. for the record I only posted after testing to confirm what was going on, the number of shots required to strip is from all tests i've done base armor/6
  5. ok so to address all of you no the stropha does not have a pellet count it's just one instance of damage per shot along the lines of the arca plasmor, however in a similar manner to the redeemer the number of damage instances does not match up with the combo generated. in the stropha's case it generates more combo then it does damage instances but in spite of generating 4-5 combo per hit it still only has one pellet per shot. I believe this is why the OP is seeing it take 120 combo count to strip an enemy that takes far less than 120 damage instances to fully strip. for the record Shattering Impact works off of damage instances not combo count.
  6. The question here is what happens when I go to glaive/secondary as I have both a gun and my melee weapon out. does the clone use guns because i have my melee weapon out or does it use melee because i have a gun out, either one makes sense and I legitimately cannot tell based on what you have posted what the clone actually does.
  7. while the rest of your post is helpful this is incredibly unhelpful, do you mean that it will repeatedly switch between my pistol and glaive depending on what i attacked/hit with last? or do you mean it will keep using the primary after going to gun+glaive?
  8. How do they interact? does Wuclone treat secondary + glaive as though you are wielding a only melee weapon or as if you were wielding only a gun? Or does it have some other interaction? As of the time of this post the wiki does not state anything that I can find on this interaction and i must confess to being rather curious if a CO glaive+ hystrix/good secondary to combine with CO glaive might be a useful combo. As a side note does the Wuclone consume ammo? IE can i give him a Lenz/Bramma and just watch him go to town without worrying about ammo?
  9. TBH i consider the mod that does it kinda just really useful regardless of the frame outside of no/almost no shield frames anyway. it just ends up being really useful.
  10. yes and this can be done just by having a sentinel/moa with the shield boost mod giving you your initial overshield.
  11. The point is that if you have overshields active you cannot be one-shot on hildryn, ever, full stop, no matter what level the enemy or what damage type they do.
  12. Unless they've changed things they don't mean status they mean the damage. Last I hopped on my hildryn whenever i had overshields up i was incapable of taking health damage at all.
  13. Of course if you want a mod that would help with infested that is useful against all factions you probably want Balefire Surge. with good efficiency/strength it makes it real easy to maintain overshields and has nice side benefits when going against corpus. It's affected by multishot so it's a bit more potent then it at first looks and with good efficiency/strength you can almost get full overshields with a single strike.
  14. Spawn level. the wiki has a widget that allows you to choose the spawn level of the target to get what the armor value will actually be rather than just the base.
  15. the bundle includes 10 purchases or 50 plat worth of the kavat genetic codes. normally the purchase is 5 per code. not sure why you got more than that though.
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