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  1. Nope, 10/31/2019 they have not been out for a full year
  2. No, it doesn't work. the problem is he forgot base damage maxed AS + rank 9 heavy caliber is +305% not x3.05 you would need some combination that only adds to +200% or so to get to 1600 damage
  3. I think one of them might be an odd number so if it is a 2 shots per button press you may want to switch over to bullet dance for the odd number one. the numbers i gave earlier were just off the top of my head recollections to get in the ball park.
  4. yes as long as your attack hits you will get the armor strip regardless of whether or not the eidolon takes damage, you also need more than ten shots. IIRC it's something like 20, 22,24 or along those lines to get into the "goldilocks" zone for the eidolon armor strip remember that you don't want to strip all of it as stripping just most of it and using Radiation will do more damage overall.
  5. no it doesn't but from what i can tell as I posted in my first post in the thread the stropha isn't consistent with how much combo you get from it so there's no way to tell when you've gotten to the Goldilocks zone with the eidolon's armor without manually counting your shots, IMHO this makes the Stropha worthless for the task.
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