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  1. yo lo pase con Protea sin usar nada mas que sus habilidades! .. como mucho use el arma para algunos objetivos puntuales. Si no quieres usar melee simplemente te la desequipas y listo!
  2. I have been playing this game for more than 6 years, 2 account PS4 and PC , and you say "time" this new RJ is so Buggy, as was first RJ.... they even learnt nothing about their own errors!!... they put the update a friday so all weekend bugged ...
  3. I dont know if I like it or not bc is so so so buggy!!! I cant play a mission without a bug!! all kind of bugs, visual, matchmaking, host, everything!
  4. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/es/articles/360027519732-El-juego-se-cierra-solo-automáticamente-crash-después-de-ingresar-al-juego
  5. I have no idea what happened here, Mission : Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (after second wave) became black and white PC: rtx 2080ti
  6. Wait.... nothing about cross save? Or I’m blind! as always, buen trabajo Mako!
  7. Do you have any new about cross save? And what is going to happen with players who have a maxed Pc account and ps4!....
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