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  1. I'm gonna start fashion-framing for the event. Is the color theme purple or red (for the new war) though?
  2. Just throwing some (could have been) ideas here: 1st mission (where Captain Vala first appeared) could've been a survival mission (while prepping for void jump) with increasing difficulty. It will build up intensity when the Tempestarii finally arrives because you have no idea if it is a foe or not. 2nd mission (spy mission): steal a crew ship to infiltrate heavily-armed facility, then proceed to spy mission 3rd mission (summoning Tempestarii): stay close (with set max distance from the ship) to re-establish connection (just like hijack mission mechanics with a completion UI like in interception mission) while you're being bombarded by the Tempestarii The music accompanying the appearance of Vala is great. Feels like Imperial March when Darth Vader makes an appearance.
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