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  1. They mentionned on a devstream that the orbiter rework will come with the drydock room. But they also explained on the last devstream that they might release the drydock, with no functionnaly to start, just to let players manage their dojo to build the room (cause it's a massive one, I planned my dojo long ago and had already to rebuild half of it due to the size xD), and then later the ability to research things, then releasing enemies, then locations, then gameplay etc. So it's possible that the initial thing, the orbiter rework + the drydock will come with the update, as it's a mainline. Mainline imply "adding many things that are outside of a big planned scheduled update", that would fit perfectly as it's "a pre-mecanic for an upcoming update later this year". And the infested room may be linked with the nightwave serie 2 so we'll see.
  2. I've not study enought the amalgams to confirm that or not. About the current spawned mobs only proz' and herald, I'm sure the Baptizer is planned to come later as a one that maybe can corrupt your ? It's a baptizer, meaning his role is to give some kind of entering ritual, so maybe he will transform mobs arround into infested, or even infest your warframe (similar mecanics to zanuka capture ?) but his drop table is identical as the two others, no extra loot, no weapon etc so I doubt that's what will occure. And you're right, it's not the assassin mecanics, it's another similar to the Sentient spawner on Lua and Uranus.
  3. - Orbiter rework ? - Railjack Drydocks ? - Infested Decoration for Dojo. - Gauss. - A way to introduce Gauss lore outside of a quest. - 3rd orb mother fight ? - Primary Kitguns ? - Shawzin. - Flute ? Can I have a Flute ? I want a Flute ! Please add a Flute ! (I'm gonna draw a meme comic about that I think xD)
  4. But ... We already got some kind of "unvaulting" of Saryn during the anniversary celebration this year ... And Valkyr got vaulted only last year ... ? Why not Vauban and *think of the second, trinity was in the twitch prime, ash was also this year during some event I can't remember.* Hm... To me Saryn this winter is too close from its previous occuring with the anniversary celebration. I speak as a full ingame economy player, I only get accessories from the vault cause I like them. One thing I noticed about the vault since august 2018 is that now it's way too easy to obtain relics overall, especially axi one for the vault that can be obtained on bounties. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, for the player to access them it's cool. BUT ! Ingame economy-wise it's terrible, Rhino prime set hardly reached 200p value after nearly a year and boom back in the vault zblam lost a lot of trading value due to the too many in circulation. The problem is also that some frame are considered worthless due to gameplay, but mainly due to their rarity of obtention. Valkyr set reached approx 40p value, and I still got like over 100 relics to drop her parts. The joke is that I came back to Warframe in august 2018 and I managed to get over 150 relics of valkyr parts before she got vaulted. So I let you imagine the damn stock I have of all the vaulted-after. It's ridiculous how I can't open them all and sell them before the vault reopen for those items. I don't have solution, but I saw a Devaluation of everything in game since the prime vault that introduced the vault relics on open-world bounties (approx on fortuna launch). Rivens fell down, maybe not cause of that, but they felt except for the godtier weaponry such as atterax, amprex, rubico godtier rolls with +3 good stat and -1 harmless that stayed arround 15k-30k plat. But prime sets, idk, for more than three weeks Chroma was worthing a fair price and took long to fell under the 100p value. Mesa went down under the 100p value in less than 2 weeks. Equinox took only 3 days to fell under the 50p value. And I won't even speak about the weapons, nothing worth nothing anymore for whatever reason. Same went for the corrupted mod since the "we can equip all key alone and go get the mod solo" they lost easily 50p value each, cause now they're too easy to obtain. Same for Kavats genecode, but still it's different cause Kavats have the collectionning market as the Kubrow got with the fur patterns and colors. My constation is that too much of an item, op item or random item, make it loose a lot of plat value ingame. And maybe too easy to obtain ingame could make people less wanting to buy the prime access. Anyway I hope my observations were usefull to you guys at DE, keep going this game is amazing ! (Any Railjack-Prime planned ? =D)
  5. The fracture status must be "under control" for it to apply the x2 bonus in the vallis. Gonna update the main post with the tips I gathered during serie 1.
  6. Haa, the stream ! ## Basic Questions ## Any statment about the 3rd Orb Mother Fight on Orb Vallis ? (the one near the spatioport) Any statment about the 4th Eidolon Fight on Plains of Eidolon ? (the Wall-Face broken version of the Ropapolyst) Any statment about primary kitguns ? Any statment about new zaw parts / additionnal secondary kitgun parts to make new combinaisons ? (I've heard mentions of sword & shield zaw from Scott in an interview from last year) Any statment about the new Kavat type ? (Sekkat if I remember correctly) Any statment about the Orbiter rework and the possible update prior-empyrean with the new orbiter and the railjack dry dock ? ## Advanced Railjack Questions ## We saw at Tennocon2018 a mission demo for railjack starting on Venus with Nef Anyo angry saying "you've crossed the line, and by the void you'll regret it". Will this demo mission be the initial way to "get into the railjack" stuff ? If yes, then does the angryness of Anyo related to us, Tenno, dismantling all his shiny Orb Mother ? (implying the 3rd orb fight needs to be done first, coincidence it's the one near the spatioport, well I don't think so xD) Steve mentionned that building your own railjack will not be "that easy", anything to say about the building process, will we have a "dummy" version, like for the k-drive, until we assemble our own custom one that then can be modified etc ? We saw Void Storm, is there any other type of "weather" based complications, if yes, can we have some peaks ? I heard the word "ramming" somewhere I can't remember during a railjack talking, can we have more info about that ? (I love roman / greek galley fighting style, ramming ftw) Will Orokin and Infested factions also have dogfighters and capital ships ? Is there any plan to make a Tenno mission Tileset using the Orbiter, Relay, Dojo, and that kind of thing into real game mission too ? (as the idea was to give each faction the space version, Tenno is our faction after all !) Will there be some modular Archgun in Empyrean ? Nightwave serie 2 diorama showed us what looks like the rework of the Corpus Infested Ship tileset, is it coming with Empyrean or is part of a different update schedule ? ## Fashion Questions ## Anything to show for Equinox Deluxe ? Anything to show for Khora Deluxe ? Approximated release for Titania Deluxe ? Approximated release for Ivara Deluxe ? ## Troll Questions ## Will my railjack allow me to go underwater for missions on Uranus ? When is that awesome Shawzin coming ? And can I have a Flute too ? I want a Flute ! Will the Stalker Faction also have their space-fleet in Empyrean ?
  7. It's the opposite, the final reward is the cosmetic used for them. --- Okay so I'm done with the Gamejam I was busy with, and now let's study their pattern ! First tip: avoid grineer missions. Why ? Cause Manic used to prevent the saturn six fugitives to spawn on S1. Second tip: avoid PoE. The Thumper were also blocking the spawn of the fugitives on S1. Third tip: let's make the fracture controlled to get a potential x2 score against them in orb vallis.
  8. Omg, this is genius ! Will spare so many seconds ! XD And most important ! This will help a lot the new players !
  9. Here they come ! I just encountered two Zealots. Going to screen them from my codex.
  10. Is it possible to have cloth physics on a chest armor proposition ? (the chest armor part beeing solid and then having some cloth like mag deluxe / umbra scarf)
  11. Etzu

    [Vox Solaris] Squad bug

    It always has been a squad quest, at least it was on the release. The amount of extractor were 6 or 8 on the first day and were balanced to depend on the player number in the squad. If it was a solo quest it would say "solo mission" and make the one with the quest leave the group, as the saya's vigil does. But it doesn't, it just create a double session once arriving in the vallis.
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