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  1. Basic: Primary Kitgun infos ? Host Migration when the railjack captain disconnect ? How What When ? Sentient Lab room in Dojo planned ?
  2. Railjack questions: What will happen when the squad-leader (the owner of the railjack) disconnect ? How will the host migration work, will we be thrown into space with our archwing with a mini-mission to resummon a railjack ?
  3. One idea that came to my mind about the possibilities of the Kuva Lich system and lore is that it could be a way to provide a legit "modular warframe" creation system. The Grineer create some kind of warframesque units, using kuvas and tenno magic to produce those liches. But it seems they don't really master correctly what they do xD. The only other occurence of "modular" warframe is the Stalker's Acolytes. Maybe it would be a good way to bring the Stalker Mod and all the stalker syndicat thingy, but that's up to you to choose from there.
  4. Wasn't the idea more like "beeing able to get ride of a lich we don't want / trade one in progress to a clanmate to provide them the weapon" ? Steve mentionned it as a way to donate an active lich, that was either too strong or we're not interessed into or clanies would want the weapon for.
  5. This is the best idea ever. You're the bests !
  6. There is a bug on the lich spawn as ally. I've vanquished my first one, Modododitt Mobik, to get the weapon. And in the mission I just played he spawned as allies, as I'm working on my second lich. I've asked my teamate if any of them had this same exact name for their lich and none of them had one with that name. (on hotfix 26.0.3)
  7. Not sure in which thread to put that so I put it in here: When playing with lowest quality setting, Grendel and Atlas Leverian are Pitch Black. Gauss leverian was already kinda dark in lowest quality, but it was at least possible to see things. But even Gauss leverian was already way way way way too dark in lowest setting, I've realized that when looking a youtube video where the guy had volumetrics on and that made the entire leverian conftable for the eye, but without it it's not. I'm also using dx10, and there are many other spot in the game where it feels like the "low settings" were forgotten in the design process. (relay arrival platform having a bright light on higher settings, in lowest quality it has litterally no light-ray visual effect on the center) I feel important to report that, because warframe has always been a masterpiece of "faking high performance rendering" for low quality settings. Lots of light visual effects were faked using textures on low settings, but since the drop of 32 bit it seems that the beauty of the game on low setting is not anymore mandatory, as it's not anymore needed to support old dx version. Keep the game awesome for low settings too please, ❤️
  8. First impression. Vauban: 3rd ability: The delay between grenade spawn and damage effect is too long for me. A possible way to improve that would be to add a charging system like that: Quick Cast (no charging): instant throw the grenade, producing a high (like now) delay on deployment to calibrate the orbital strike. Prearmed Cast (charged): prepare the orbital strike coordinate while charging, quick (way shorter) delay on deployement to fire the orbital strike. With that idea the time between engaging the ability and damage dealing would be identical, either we invest time in charging or in waiting after quick cast. Ember: 1st ability: lacking epicness on animation charging. That's something I felt on the old vauban and the old ember too, no animation on the charging, but now Vauban has an animation but not ember. Would be cool if she was casting the fireball in her hand before throwing it. 1st ability: lacking particles on impact. The old ability spawned a spot of fire particle effect and an explosion particle. The new one just spawn some kind of "light" sphere effect but no real flame styled effect. I'm playing on entire low quality so it might be a quality setting bug, I'll check that deeper later on. I'll keep studying those two reworks and give more indepth feedback if any is necessary later on.
  9. I'm not a big fan of the heavy attacks / heavy slam beeing on the alt-fire button. Previously when I wanted to activate my channelling (and so life-strike) I was able to toggle it on/off with one single pressing using the default middle mouse. Now to use my life-strike I have to use the middle mouse to make an heavy attack. I prefered the possibility to toggle on / off the consumption for the life-strike part. For the heavy attacking itself, it's more conftable than before to not have to "hold the key to heavy attack", but it's also not that conftable to have to middle-click for that. (I know we can change it, but i like having that toggling effect on the mouse middle click) I got another problem with that heavy attack mecanics beeing on the same key as the alt-fire. On regular melee we can, since melee 3.0 phase 1, quick meleeing from our weapons. I use that a lot to move very fast using the directionnal-ground-slam with the E key. As the life-strike is now more efficient by using the heavy-ground-slam than just normal heavy-attacks, I tend to use that to make some crazy life-stealing move. BUT... The difference between now and before is: Before: If I'm not mistaken it was possible to toggle On channeling and switcih to firearm, so I could enable my channelling and then bulletjump, shoot and ground-slam to heal myself. (I'm not sure if the channeling was still enabled on switching. I know on launch of melee 3.0 phase 1 it was deactivated everytime you switched to anything else than the melee, but I think it was staying activated on 25.8.2 at least) Now: If I'm in firearm, I have to first melee and then alt-fire to be able to do any life-stealing. It was more intuitive to have a "toggle" alternative mechanics on the same key as the alternative mechanics of the firearms. Now the melee alt-fire key is litterally an attack (it is also on some firearms but that's also not conftable at all, same goes for amps to me). I have no solution to the problem I'm pointing, sadly, but I would have been way more conftable by beeing able to "switch on/off" the heavy attack "stance" rather than "press to heavy attack", or maybe not, kinda hard to say.
  10. It will probably be more like 512 possibilites indeed. (if my maths are right, 3 slots, 8 possibilities, so 8 power 3 equals 512) Survival you have to keep an eye on the live support, you can do survival without killing. (some riven challenges ask that) Rescue is saving an hostage. Mobile defense is protecting the datamass, can be done without killing. Spy can be done without killing. What I mean is that the game is more than just killing things, it's killing it the right way the right moment but can be done many ways. If they make that Kuva Lich system too "casual" with too few combination, it won't be a challenge and will fall as the stalker, into the "joke vilain". And that would be bad for the time they spend. I also think the rank of the lich will determine the difficulty to kill it, plus they said that you can donate a lich / probable also cancel them, if you don't want them. So don't worry you'll find what you want and I'll find what I want too.
  11. Are you sure of that ? And what about Mods, aren't they puzzling damages correctly to kill the target ? Because that's EXACTLY what you'll have to do, they mentioned it, you will have to figure out how to kill it, you won't be able to "just kill it" (unless you're really lucky to get the proper requiem combination on first time). That's basically Extermination mission type, but your know the game has many other gametype. The Kuva Lich entire system is based on puzzling, but you're not forced to involve yourself in it if you don't like puzzles.
  12. Is this meaning a new Tutorial is coming ? (quest or codex-training ?) Hm, 8 seems pretty low. But if they are used like "sometime you need 1 mod, sometime 2, sometime 3" then the combination possibilites are bigger. I'm impatient to see how that will work. If we donate to a clanmate a lich that stole rewards from us, will the clanmate obtain the stolen rewards on defeating the Lich ? Will those new fissures be automatically unlocked for players that completed current quests or can we except some kind of side-quest to unlock all the kuva lich mechanics ? Can we have one "scan to codex" mod for the parazon ? Sold by Simaris like the archwing melee mode that does the same idea. If it's even possible to kill mobs with it indeed. I might have some other ideas of "warframe augment" style mods related to the warframe for the parazon but I keep that for after the release. (base idea: nekros parazon augment turning mob killed by finisher with parazon into specters for few seconds)
  13. Please make the gifted legendary core untradable. Otherwise the market price will crush (and there could be abuse by people having many accounts).
  14. I saw nothing about the Finisher mechanism / mods in the workshop, and we heard during a devstream that the Parazon would be the new way to do finishers to spare tons of animation work for all weapon types. Are you planning to do the finisher part of the melee 3.0 on the phase 3 or is it also coming with phase 2 with the introduction of the new Parazon mechanics ?
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