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  1. Hey there, I've just unlocked my Napalm Grenades augment and equiped it on a lvl 0 secura penta. The mod saying "grenades leave a burning patch on impact. +30 Base Status Chance" but it actually change my status chance from 26% to 40%, change all my damage from 75 impact+300 blast to 650 heat and reduce my critical chance from 26% to 10%. I'm gonna check what is happening with that but here already I think there is something to fix, either the stat or the description of the mod itself. (I sadly have no regular penta to test, I sold it to get my secura penta) Edit: Just after I posted this, I continued to equip mod on my secura penta, and while I added "hammer shot" to it, my status chance went from 40% to 44%, leading me to believe that the status chance went down from 26% to 10% and got the +30 base status of the mod effect. After checking rapidly the wiki for the normal penta, I think that the mod actually recalculated the stats of the secura penta + Napalm Grenades like if it was a normal Penta. Edit 2: I've tested the secura penta with the augment abit with different mods, and it seems the "number of grenades shootable at once" is still limited even with the new behavior of the augment, making multishot abit hard to use. (it makes me thinking of airwolf on Amstrad CPC 464 where you cannot shoot a new projectile until the projectile hit something xD)
  2. Hey there, I just discovered that the mod rolling guard applies on archwing mod while in Orb Vallis, granting you invulnerability on dodge. I'll check also in regular archwing mission if that applies too and post the info as soon as possible.
  3. Mobile defense datamass also produce that bug outside of orb vallis, so I guess it's universal on dual-pistol.
  4. Hey there, I've noticed that after picking a thermia cannister (or collant cannister) and not having it held anymore, dual pistols will stay in the animation stat of "I hold something in my left hand" even after switching weapons, archwing deployed etc. I've only tested it inside orb vallis for now, if anyone can check on excavation, kuva survival and mobile defense to stat if it also bugs that would be perfect.
  5. There is also sometime a "default" loader, that is not the one you attached to your kitgun, that will appear on that bug.
  6. Hey there. This week there is one challenge, on PC at least, that I think is unappropriated. It's the 5k points value one that ask you to go make the Profit-Taker with a friend or a clanmate. Don't get me wrong, the challenge itself is totally okay to me, but having it granting 5k is not good for low master rank players. Indeed, the lower your MR is, the longer you will take to upgrade your syndicat rank to the maximum, I know that Fortuna is there for enought time now but for anyone returning to the game now that is not already max rank solaris united will probably not be able to reach it time. The problem is not to not be able to reach max rank within 7 days, it's that it will make unavailable by any mean those 5k points, that's not a matter of difficilty as doing the third eidolon was, it's just mastery-rank locked if you were not already maxed. I think it would have be more fair to have this one granting 3k points, but then would not be logic cause it's still a boss fight that requieres some investment in the game. I think an alternative could be to provide a "maximum weekly" point pool from challenges, done by multiple differents possibilities, like instead of just 3 5k challenge, having multiple of them and limitate the player to pick only 3 of them per week, same for the 3k value one. But then some player won't have the same challenges than others and that could lead to another issue too. I like the idea of having elite challenge rewarding a lot, but I'm sure it's not a good idea to keep new players motivated to stay, it's already hard enought to start on this game when you're not with friends and not capable of buying lots of plats with real money noneed to add some motivation-killing things.
  7. It seems that this issue is only occuring inside Orb Vallis, will do further test tomorrow (monday) on gmt+1 time.
  8. Hey there, I just realized that you can't dodge while jumping, double jumping, bullet jumping, aim-glinding. You can dodge in aegis storm however.
  9. Hey there, I've noticed that few weeks ago but I forgot to screenshot it, it occures with all the graphics to low and directX 10 activated. When you have something occluding the very small light-source of the sun you don't see the sunray light anymore but you stull have that huge sun behind the occluder.
  10. Hey there, If you have an archgun deployed while picking a power cell, that will block you in a stat where you can't resummon your archgun and your melee weapon is gone. Only way to get out of it is by dying.
  11. Hey there, I was xping my ferox just a while ago and I realised that when you activate mirage first ability the ferox behave totaly differently than without it. It's hard to describe but there is definitly something wrong.
  12. Hey there, I've just noticed that using mirage eclipse ability make the syandana having red color.
  13. Hey there. I just made the update and saw that the Montains of the Vallis, in the background skybox, are ... Behind the temperature-regulator-satelite that is supposed to be ... In space ?
  14. Primary Kitgun, I know the team said last time there was no plan for them, but any statments ? 😞 Equiox Deluxe Statment ? Archgun rivens Statment ? Sentient-Arm-Cannon, anything new about those from the depth of the abyssal of the "InDev" constellation ? New War, how is it going, do you encounter troubles, does everything goes well, any idea of the approximation date release ? (my estimations are mid-late june for new war, am I correct ?) Hydroid Prime Trailer ? 😕
  15. Are we supposed to be able to interact with the door ? Right now, we can't do anything while in the decypher part (there is letters but nothing is movable, or did I do something wrong ?) Nevermind... I'm an idiot, I did not even tryied to go next to the door xD.
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