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  1. AH, I forgot... Obviously, NO EPHEMERA, NEVER, NONE...
  2. Having collected all the kuva weapons (killing exactly 16 Lichs) I can give a summary of my experience. CONS: First of all, DE forcing players to play missions such as interception, rescue, espionage, etc. etc. When playing with other players, I observed how exterminations, sabotages and survivals are preferred over other mission types. This is simply because of the high spawn rate of thralls compared to other missions, as well as to avoid the risk of failing the mission if the lich spawns. The amount of grinding is excessive, not only for the murmurs, but the amount of missions necessary to obtain the desired weapon (2 and a half hours of cassini runs, to have the nukor), as well as for the ridiculous amount of missions to spawn the lich, after knowing the right requiem. PRO: Some truly epic moments: Reactor sabotage. After blowing it up I run towards the console sweeping the minions with the Orthos Prime in order to open the door to escape and BAM! The Lich appears in the console room. Epic fight between explosions and fires that ended with the vanquish of the Lich ... VERY EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WOULD I CHANGE: Create a specific mission to farm murmur: A lore-friendly mission could be to flush out and eliminate thralls (10 per mission). This mission would be played in place of that of the node, but in the same tileset. This is a simple mission, easily implemented. Even something more complex could go, but have to guarantees 10 murmurs per mission ... The lich can spawn anywhere, even in normal missions (if it is level 4 or 5) and with greater frequency, but it flees away after the first health bar is consumed, without giving the possibility to hit him with the parazon. In return, Ordis will communicate that he has traced the position of the lich, opening a specific node in the star map. This mission will be a reactor sabotage on the galleon's tileset (Lich's ship). After sabotaging the reactor, the console to escape will be on the bridge, where we will meet the Lich between explosions and fires (as in the Tennocon video). The Lich must be defeated in order to proceed, and, if the requiem is wrong, the node will be hidden again, to be found at the next Lich spawn. It will be easy to make this a railjack mission in the future.
  3. Thanks DE for your hard work... BUT Assuming that we console players are entitled to only one update for this event (unless you want to go to cert every week), I ask you to postpone it until it is completely playable. It would be somewhat unpleasant if it turned out to be unplayable like last year's Kuva Lich. For this reason, I inform you that I will not buy the next Prime package and accessories (as I have done so far) until I am sure that this event will meet the expectations you have created in the community after the recent arcane nerf. As was the case with the Empyrean supporter package for PS4, I find it incorrect to ask players for money before they can enjoy playable and fun content (the package was proposed when Empyrean was at the height of non-playability due to the presence of bugs) Take all the time you need, since at best the lockdown will last at least 2 months, and therefore we will have all the time we want to play and have fun it. Thank you again for the constant effort that you put into the game
  4. Well, I think it will be a recurring mode for 2 reasons: I don't think ED wastes time creating such a complex and well-detailed tileset as the command center for a single event; Only cosmetics such as event specific emblems and glyphs (which are not there) are given in one-shot events. Any other type of prize (as in this case) is given to recurring events. My question now is: how often will this event be repeated? I hope frequently, especially considering the cost of the prizes and therefore the grinding to which we will be subjected.
  5. With the next update for PS4 (you have been playing on it for a week on PC) it will be necessary to change some builds on weapons. Although this does not cause a great problem for those who use few favorite weapons, for those who, like me, want to have many well-formaed weapons, it becomes quite expensive to modify all these builds (in terms of formas and expecially time). Furthermore, beyond weapons, every time a warframe is reworked, it is necessary to go through the forma process, which turns out to be extremely time consuming. Not to mention that often the primed warframes are released with “wrong” polarity that must be modified to have good builds. Therefore I would like to make a request: Given the fact that about 5 formas are needed to form a weapon or warframe excellently, I would like to ask if DE was interested in considering changing the polarization mechanics. It would be great if, by applying one forma, instead of changing one slot's polarity, it adds one polarity to all slots (excluding aura and stance, which should be handled differently). Eventually this would allow to make a weapon or warframe fully polarized for all mods with 5 formas. I would prefer that every weapon and warframe (even the primed version) be without initial polarizations, if in return, with 5 formas, I can make them completely polarized in every slot. Even if this involved a complete reworking of the mods and a change in their polarity (we could start by adding the other 2 polarities to the rivens). CONS: Excessive formas consumption. It could however be resolved by providing for an increase in activities that release formas (such as invasions) and, as already requested, reduce the construction time to 23 hours. PRO: COMPLETE VERSATILITY AND CUSTOMIZATION That's right, a weapon with 5 formas can be continuously adapted to the needs. No problem after rework. Developers can change game mechanics whenever they want without forcing players to hang out hydron until they feel sick No waste of formas. Once a weapon or warframe has been formed 5 times, it does not have to be polarized again. If this mechanic will be well received by the other players, a way should have to be found to make the transition as less traumatic as possible.
  6. I state that I am not a supporter of the riven, but I understand who uses them. The problem, in my opinion, is that, as they are today, they represent only an incentive to powercreep. In my opinion they should be optional, but today they are falsely represented as fundamental for every end-game build. Here is my solution: The riven stops being considered a mod, and becomes an addition to the weapon, similarly to an arcane, a lens or a gravimag; You can freeze one of the riven's statistics and reroll the others, but only once. This statistic will never be changed again in future reroll; The reroll cost is reduced; The number of riven is increased; From the moment the riven is inserted into the weapon, or it is rerolled, or traded, the riven is considered activated. Each week it will lose a fraction of his power equal to 1/12 of disposition (until it reach disposition 1). Consequently, the disposition values that the DE modifies every quarter, will only concern the new rivens; In this way it is established as a rule that the riven are intended to reduce their power, but the system is made more flexible. CONS. No powercreep, 6-digit red critics no longer possible except for short periods (honestly, not a cons for me) PRO: The Riven become truly optional. They will be an addition to the build, and not a fundamental element; The price on the market will be lower and availability higher; End with the hoarding of riven by few players (through the use of secondary accounts) we have seen enough mafia with the Rubico;
  7. If only the DE had not repeatedly stated that it would have returned ...
  8. To be honest, the only value it has is what people are willing to spend. It has no intrinsic value. You were the one who wanted to spend that amount on it, buying it from someone smarter than you who knew that sooner or later it would be available again. And as far as exclusivity is concerned, the only exclusive thing in Warframe (apart from the Founders pack) are cosmetics bought with real money. DE has always clearly said that game items such as mods and weapons would never be exclusive. If you didn't want to listen, the fault is yours.
  9. I don't think there is anything wrong about what happened. Was Primed Chamber an event reward? YES Once the past events are over, where do these rewards go? BARO It is logical that Primed Chamber eventually entered Baro's sales list. The only thing wrong is the cost. 3000 ducats is too much. I conclude by writing that I appreciate the fact that DE intends to eliminate elitism from this game (Tenebrous Ephemera docet) and I hope it continues in this direction. Thanks DE
  10. Venka Prime Reaper Prime Paracesis (elixis skin) I'm for the naramon-bloodrush melee-only fun...
  11. May we have Railjack's universal loot system also in normal mission?
  12. Here is the post discussed in the forum with some changes made by other players. I'd like to make a premise. I understand the will of the DE to want to prevent Empyrean from making the same end of other previous expansions. Specifically prevent some players from rushing the content and then complaining after a month that Warframe never gives anything new. Let's realize that there are players who after a week from the launch had already reached intrinsic 10. I understand and appreciate that ED is trying to prevent this But I think they too understood by now that randomizing the expansion to such an extent was a bit too much of a solution, leading the players to frustration. And changing the reactor's avionics capability is simply a patch that doesn't solve the problem. In fact, even the engines are unbalanced (the Lavans, despite having more booster multiplier than the Vidar, go slower) and the shields that are not Zekti are practically useless. Unfortunately, finding the balance between preventing players from "ending" the game and creating frustration is very difficult. So here is my idea to still give a random content to railjack, but without it provoking anger in the players. Now, that the sentient anomaly releases sentient tokens, why not use it to create a figurehead or a flag for railjack? I would like that I could go to Palladino and have a flag built. In addition to a number of sentient tokens, he would obviously also need Empyrean resources and Dirac. In order to avoid ruining the gameplay by making the sentient anomaly similar to how Eidolons are played (players who try to minimize the time needed to get more rewards at all costs), one solution would be to limit the number of times the sentient reward can be reclamed when it appears in a specific node (as proposed by Iukinu_u). Eventually one could also think of a rerolling system to make grind less tedious... Returning to the main, this flag would have, as features, some bonuses of the MkIII components, plus some bonuses to the values of the railjack. The total number of these bonuses is obviously open to discussion (I think from 3 to 5 should be ok)... Some of these could be the following ones, with their values: Shield capacity: up to +200; Regeneration delay: up to -0.8s Additional shield regeneration: up to +1.2% Additional speed: up to +12m/s Boost multiplier: up to +0.12; Avionics capacity: up to +20; Flux capacity: up to +60. Turret Damage: up to +12%; Turret Fire Rate: up to +12% I deducted these numbers simply in this way: taking the highest possible value from components and turrets and establishing the range between 0 and + 20% of that number. Obviously these numbers are only a starting point (as asked by DrivaMain taken away negative numbers). My idea is to make the basic setting of railjack fairly standard by deleting RNG from components and turrets, and to place randomization on one aspect, of limited influence on the ship, but that could be also useful. It would also be fantastic if this object (flag, figurehead or whatever you want) is also an actual decorative object inserted inside the railjack. This object could also have randomization aspects in its appearance. In this way it would push the players not only to look for them for utility, but also for beauty. Having a powerful but ugly flag, or on the contrary beautiful but with too negative values, would be a strong push to find better ones. It could be inserted in the console in the center of the main room (the one with the arsenal), or as a watermark on the window above the reactor... Consequently, the values of the components (to which the bonus MKIII would be removed) and turrets should always be the same for tier and house.
  13. First of all, I had already proposed changes to the Conclave system in the past, but mysteriously these posts have now disappeared ... I had proposed a system of 7 challenges PVEVP that would bring up the ascension halls ... Since you proposed the idea again, I try to remember them (thanks DE for having deleted my posts)... Agility: forgotten... Collaboration: Lunaro Cunning: Cephalon capture with some variations, but could easily be changed with your "Gambit" idea... Endurance: Two squad against infinite horde of spawing enemies... The ones that defend for more time the territory, win Power: An Index variation only with arbritation drone and opticors (not a great idea, I have to admit) Speed: parkour challenge... 5 min of infinite tileset progression, who goes further, win... Stealth: Hide and seek between to squad in two different maps (two hunter and 1 prey)... obviously I had better written the game modes, but it's all gone (thanks again DE)... @FoxFX If you are interested, we could try to combine brains to better define game modes, perhaps by inserting these challenges into your coliseum (my starting idea was that of the Greco-Roman competitions)
  14. I agree... If you know how to play warframe, you don't need riven. I kill 20 bombard eximus lvl 165 in less than 30 sec without riven (with AI enabled and invincibility disabled) Do you know how? Simply, I use warframe powers... after all, the game is called Warframe, not Riven (that was another awesome game).. Riven mod was a system designed to put a patch on unbalanced weapons because there were too many and developers didn't had timet to work on it. But, now that melee are balanced (hopefully firearms also this year) those are stronger without rivens. I say that because I have a Gram riven (dam and attk speed) but the blade is stronger without it. (I do 1h survival solo arbritation without problem if I don't have riven... With it I have to stop at 50 min...) In the end, if you know how to use warframes and how to properly build warframes and weapons, rivens become detrimental, in my opinion... And, btw, catchmoon was to much OP even without rivens... I stop using that weapon (I have a riven with CC and CD) some time before they nerfed it because I started to find it too much boring... There was no fun in melting mob of enemies with a shot...
  15. @[DE]Danielle Eventually, in a distant future, it will be possible to se the loot gathering system of the Railjack, applied also in other normal missions? Sharing is caring! Loot gathered when on-foot in a Point of Interest, Crewship, and from killing a Boarding Party are now shared between the whole squad, so you don’t individually need to go collect the loot if you’re busy Piloting, Engineering, etc! This excludes Health, Ammo, and Energy pickups. Also, AFK players do not get the items shared and cannot pick them up later.
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