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  1. Can I suggest a change in how nightwave is managed? As it is Nightwave is an unhealthy mode, pushing players into grinding challenges for weeks for then stop and then re-start again... These are the changes I'd like to see: Elimination of daily and elite challenges. Eventually transform them in weekly ones (like 1500 heat kills, 50 mod picked-up, and so on) Every day a weekly challenge will be switched, instead of having all of them changed on monday, and will be active for 10 days. In this way, player's will have every day a new challenge (I think about those who play da
  2. I can't agree more... Eventually I'd like the possibility to buy codex scans of specific enemies with Simaris standing. After all you gain standing through scanning, so it's natural to permit tenno to buy enemies scans (completionists like me will love this!)
  3. I had this idea while fishing on Cambion Drift... Every time I had to move between hotspots using archwing, I had to find the fishing rod on the wheel and then change it (we have 7 different fishing rod) and it took me a lot of time (expecially with 30+ inventory items) So, why don't DE use the parazon also for mining, fishing and conservation? Simply make the mining laser, the spears and the rifle as "upgrades" for the parazon, using the omni-tool shortcut (in PS4 is R1-left) in order to activate it. When aiming at a mining deposit, the parazon will act as a mining
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