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  1. Well, if for Glaive you mean a "viral" Xoris with volatile rebound, blood rush, weeping wounds, then, ok, we may say thet it could be awesome... BUT, this means that you can't play real melee (and real melee is "more" awesome)... Things probably will be different if Glaives (and other light weapons like daggers, nunchaku, maybe whips) would have a separate category and come into play when wielding pistols...
  2. I'd like to see more a more versatile railjack, like the one on the devstreams in which you could direct power to different avionics and/or weapons/engine/shield during missions Eventually, a tenno could build some preset configuration and change between them on the go from pilot view and/or tactical view (without having to manually change them) For example I can have a combat preset for fighting, a cloak preset when i'm boarding ship or installations, and a cruise preset used for mining. Moreover, one great addition would be a railjack openworld in which you have to expl
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