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  1. - WTS - CORGOMUGG ARNISUZ [Kuva Quartakk] 34% Magnetic bonus - 50p https://imgur.com/Os02kcU [Vasca Kavat] 2/2 imprints - 100p https://imgur.com/a/3qFmtcd
  2. - SOLD - CORGG MALVO - https://imgur.com/78HWIZo [Kuva Ayanga] 48% Electricity bonus with a [Vengeful Charge Ephemera] - 400-450p Price negotiable Pm me offers or post here 🙂
  3. Hello, I would like to buy a Kuva Lich contract with [Vengeful Charge Ephemera] for 100p. The Weapon or stats dont matter 🙂
  4. - WTS - Kuva Lich contract: RAHBIJR HAVV - [Kuva Brakk] 44% Radiation bonus - 100p https://imgur.com/MktSjHp - SOLD - Kuva Lich contract: TOMUKBI ROTT - [Kuva Kraken] 33% Radiation bonus - 65p https://imgur.com/2C6EP7M - SOLD - Kuva Lich contract: DRGG HOZOR - [Kuva Shildeg] 25% Radiation bonus - 50p https://imgur.com/A7d8gUp - SOLD -
  5. Hello, Tenno. As the title says I'm currently looking for a Kuva Lich contract trade. I'm willing to give my [Kuva Brakk] with 60% Heat bonus with an [Vengeful Flame Ephemera] for a [Vengeful Trickster Ephemera]. As stated the weapon or bonus dmg do not matter. Kuva Lich https://imgur.com/mbG4oMf PC, IGN: HQGroup Hook me up or post offer here or ingame!
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