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  1. Not to mention the catch-up requires you to clear all current challenges? Am I understanding this correctly? what a dumpster fire
  2. Nightwave occasionally lines up with how I want to play, but not enough for me to complete it. I don't like the old way of acquiring Nitain either, but this is bigger than just how convenient and/or efficient it is to get Nitain. I see this response a lot, and it seems like a reductive attempt to justify nightwave compared to old Nitain/Auras, Nightwave isn't just Nitain/Auras, and even if the system was overal better that doesn't mean a thing compared to a bad system. Overal, old alerts made getting some stuff frustratingly slow and inconsistent, Nightwave makes you the game's b%tch when you have time* to play, choose wisely. Looking at it this week, I'll probably get the mobile-def passively, and I happened to do the ESO one cause I wanted to test something vs. large crowds... That's it. If you happen to do all the stuff anyway that's great, the problems occur (And should hopefully become painfully apparent) to those for whom that's not the case.
  3. When I have time to log on I'm not going to do boring nightwave, I want to experience at least a vague sense of enjoyment. I'm sorry but idk how much clearer the problematic nature of this system can be, it REALLY frustrates me how people shrug it off.
  4. Chorewave and ''player engagement incentive systems'' like it (Or whatever term some insufferable tool at EA or the like probably coined) make me want to throw up. The incentive should be fun, like the thing you do in the videogame, you know? Fun? No? In this game you could always work towards your goals at your own pace, that's different now, do the dishes, make your bed, did you finish your homework yet? I haven't been doing Nightwave anymore, no loot for those who have a life alongside Warframe and take responsibility in keeping unhealthy habits in check, I guess. The ''challenges'' don't help, but there's no point in criticizing the problems that stack on top of the fundamentally terrible design that I'd sooner expect to see in an exploitative mobile game, just nuke the f out of nightwave and pretend it never happened like paid revives and potatoes etc., and put that Umbral Forma where it makes sense... This whole thing just looks so damn desperate and cheap.
  5. Starting to wonder if a lot of these reports fall on deaf ears, I don't mean I expect DE doesn't care, or whatever, just that some sort of indication that it has been reviewed would be a good addition to the forums.
  6. Also, check out how fun it is to try to kill a drone without something like a Plasmor. It's like mixing where is Waldo with swatting a fly, flawless game-design. Btw., in that one I couldn't activate life-support, so the run was bricked even if the movement eventually fixed ''itself'' like it usually does after a while.
  7. I am 99% sure this has been happening for a long time, not just with Saryn, but the last few days while I've been using Saryn a lot... My god. I can hardly get any lift, rolls cancel momentum, standing still with sprint animation, can't interact with life-support etc., EVEN the operator is affected. Can't play remotely properly as long as this isn't fixed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu6u0heizou4am8/1. This happens not just after extract screen%2C also happened in solo ESO etc. etc..mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7z9db9x7o2sh22z/2. Couldnt interact with revive Kavat.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gsbulwupyqry7b1/3. Aaaand here we go again.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/d0pb1esf69b83bb/4. Was gonna continue%2C but couldn't interact with life-support. For some reason my capture software is also broken so didn't ACTUALLY capture after pressing Windows %2B Alt %2B G.mp4?dl=0
  8. Important! I was in a 4-player Interception Arbitration, everyone extracted, but it didn't register when I clicked last, well before timer expired. It lingered on selection screen as I spammed extract to no avail, I assume loading the host-migration, which I figure triggered based on bugged criteria, after which it threw me into the new round due to a different bit of messed up code in it's own right. I had a daily credit booster, first-day bonus and really wanted those credits without doing Index, wouldn't have done it otherwise. I controlled it pretty well with decently suited gear, but since I didn't bring a full cheese setup... When the spawn rng let's them simply take a tower in the time it takes you to do so, and 3 towers isn't enough, I lost. The time investment of an arbitration makes this particularly frustrating. Could've been literally any other type of endless and it'd be fine smh, I'd love more forgiving solo timers, 2-man team is infinitely better and let's you bring just about any gear with full control, consistently. Solo Interception could be really fun! I've seen myself and 2 other people leave on our own with the 4th player still in the neutral before, I assumed my side of the connection just hadn't caught up with their decision to continue, but this might be a thing.
  9. This is awesome, but there's a lot more going on. Life-support can REALLY suck on any tileset, even when barely moving around on Mot. I feel like killing at a certain rate (Increasing with team size) should guarantee you'll be fine and that enemy flow should be constant. Pathing is also an issue, particularly when the path from their set spawn distance to the player has lot's of twists and turns, get's really bad with verticality. I hear enemies in Exterm teleport, seems like an easy partial solution that might just suffice. In Kuva Survival you HAVE to move around, and you already get less from capsules.
  10. This update baited me a little haha, thought they were gonna say they implemented a way to sustain the passive. It honestly wouldn't create ANY balance issues if it simply took a while and maybe even some effort to get them back, Phoenix Renewal has more sustain than this
  11. I should've managed my expectations better and not assumed anything, but I was hoping for an augment/amalgam. Like I said, that's on me, but on the topic... More of them would be awesome :D I'd love gimmick mods for weapons that can easily give up a mod slot and still perform. I think this would be a great way to add mod scaling to weapons that don't have good multipliers available to them, the Ignis' strong hybrid modding options make it a bad example, but it's firing style still lends well to fun gimmick builds.
  12. Nice one! I never ran into major issues with it but people running 4xCP are really gonna like this Edit: Ohh.. Haha Does it not work for CP etc. because of coding issues or is this deliberate?
  13. He was trying okay, leave him alone.
  14. Read my last reply, I was confused at first too but if what I said is true, it makes sense
  15. Turns out it was only a specific place that would glitch and kill the demolyst, and this ability was used to put them there. If this was just how the game was supposed to work, or it acted like this consistently across many pits making it seem as if it's part of the game, I'd heavily disagree as well. You're free to use Switch Teleport to your advantage, seems like a nice ability coupled with your invis and team support from 4.
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