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  1. The original comment isn\t the fairest comparison, but it's still true that a simple numerical tweak shouldn't be too hard to figure out and implement quickly. They said slide crit wasn't gonna be ruined, and that other stuff would be made viable in comparison instead. I was never expecting that to be true at all, but didn't think they'd go this far. I don't like maiming and don't personally care one bit, but think it would be fair to make it a priority, assuming that comes at a very low opportunity cost like it seems. Ohh, and there's been quite some time in between the maiming change and railjack fixes too.
  2. I think the idea is Maiming Strike is secondary like Magnum Force, so that you run into diminishing returns and it's even worse.
  3. If you're ever wondering what frame to do, I'd LOOOVE a Trinity Corpra, bonus points if the textures match decently with Ankyros but I trust the helmet would be even cooler than that one anyway. Knightess/Ankyros makes a bit of an awkward, messy and unfocused Corpus look, none of the Corpus attachments/syandanas sit quite the way I'd like them to either. Btw., Nova Corpra might be my favorite character look in any game every, AMAZING work, can hardly even mess up the colors too.
  4. Also potentially having this issue, may be actual reasonable collision but will hold off just in case.
  5. Are flood relic reward problems being looked into?
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