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  1. Well, you could find another clan then. Also, your can hold 999,999,999 credits, so you can hold a lot more
  2. @Kylo. This for example. Purchase receipts and sometimes updates for big content.
  3. I know I previously said Decorating my Clans Dojo was my simple joy, but after taking some time to think (I have been away from Warframe for about 2 months now handling IRL stuff), I realize that the thing I miss the most is my Clan, not even the game but the people I play it with. My Clan has gone from a random group of people I met, to a group I consider a family over the span of the last year and a half. Being able to chat, help, and hang out every day with this group has made me happier than any one thing. I used to think that sitting for hours decorating was my favorite thing, but I realized that the entire time, I was talking with clan members, getting ideas for rooms, resource donations to make my crazy creations possible, and helping the best I could. Sometimes I look back on my beginnings around the time I joined this clan. I was a nooby little MR9 who honestly didn't know much about the game, or how it worked. I joined a clan a mere day before, and it was nothing like I had hoped. It was not inviting, nor did any member have the time to help a guy who knew barely anything about how to put together a good Warframe or weapon build. So, I talked to a friend and joined a new clan the next day. This was the type of clan a semi newish member could be happy to join. A Clan with a good Leadership, Staff Team, and an almost endless supply of amazing people who would gladly help anyone they could. I now know that my simple joy, isn't a thing like Decorating a Dojo, but the people I get to spend time with, be that chatting, helping, or just having a good time together. This includes my Clan, Alliance, and the amazing people I have met while playing this game. I realized this was my joy, having this amazing community. And being able to help the next brand new player. Being able to be what this clan has been for me, an amazing community welcoming almost anyone and almost always ready to help them, and helping them in there journey...
  4. It looks really good! Yeah, same for me sometimes. Some frames I'll spend literally hours fashioning, but then others I'll just randomly copy a theme I already use.
  5. Okay, this looks absolutely Fantastic! She's so shiny! And the Greenish energy really works for the Toxin Queen that she is. Plus, using Ignis Wraith, with aforementioned greenish color, makes it look even better. I can't help but wonder what your other fashions look like after seeing this one.
  6. Thanks for linking this. I have never really tried to hunt down all the locations, but this will be a big help.
  7. Thank you for creating it in the first place, and updating it frequently. ❤️
  8. So, you don't like the extra sliding he has naturally? Also its Fifteen Percent. I personally really enjoy how slidy he is because its kinda fun because you can slide for so long. And screwing around with all the extra slide and parkour mods is fun. EDIT: I actually remember, that in some cases he can be a bit uncontrollable, so I understand it.
  9. You definitely should level him up, if for nothing else but the mastery. Play around with him, and maybe toss a couple of Forma on him, if you like him that is. He is honestly a really well balanced frame. Usable in many situations. Look at this quote for a good run down of Nezha as a Frame. A good balanced build will definitely do you well, and you can change it as you see fit. I would suggest checking out this build: https://overframe.gg/build/1343/nezha/the-all-in-one-team-player-build/ And looking at the description as it gives good tips and breaks down the build well.
  10. Your Clan Vault is all I can think of. As well as your Alliance if your Clan is in one.
  11. Sorry for your loss, but how wonderful that you got to have this Kubrow that reminds you of the dog you loved so much. I sincerely hope that when she passed, she didn't feel pain. It can hurt a lot to lose a pet, especially one that was your best friend. I hope you look back on your memories with Artemis fondly, and hopefully can continue to have a good time with your new Kubrow. ❤️ Stay safe!
  12. Getting those headshots from the hip is so satisfying.
  13. Lol, just kidding. I can get lost in dojo decorating, and not realize how long I have spent until I look at the clock and realize I just spent 3 hours in this one room. It's very addicting 😁
  14. Dojo decorating is the main thing I do nowadays. I'm only mr 19, so I still have stuff to do, but decorating usually takes up my time, and then boom I have spent 3 hours decorating one room. Time flies fast.
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