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  1. LOL, "brings those who play it to true enlightenment, granting them eternal inner peace and bringing about a new golden age of humanity" I would love to hear Reb say that on stage and try to keep a straight face.
  2. Potato soup is great. Bacon in potato soup is perfect combo
  3. Honestly, the only thing I wish for is that I had more plat to buy people in this excellent community, and in my clan/alliance, gifts for the holidays. Keep on giving y'all! Merry Christmas and Happy Tennobaum! So give me all your plats! hehe 😜
  4. Will the twitch.tv/warframe channel be streaming the awards ceremony? @[DE]Helen
  5. I have pretty bad allergies towards pollen as well. When the wind picks up my nose most of the time is like a faucet and is just running all day.
  6. And I'm allergic to them. so no cats
  7. Cats are evil. no meowing. only barking
  8. I like the "Optional : learn to play spys with a blindfold"
  9. No I'm a dogo. Or a doog I should say
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