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  1. There was a bug a couple of months ago that made rain effects stack when you went from the Plains to Cetus and back. I was trying to get Augur Secrets, and after a few tries I assumed they actually had Dracula's Castle levels of storms somewhere in the weather RNG. I remember telling my squadmates "yay, we got a stormy night!" but of course they fixed it next patch. Apparently I'm the only one who enjoyed the Silent Hill-esque touch of terror it added to tier 4 bounties.
  2. It did? I scanned them all during the weekend but only recall being told there was a door somewhere, and then didn't bother looking for it because I was already aware that it couldn't be opened at that point anyway (and I was tired of looking for things at that point.) I'm not sure what exactly Eudico said, so she might have mentioned a landmark or something, but I was under attack after the last scan and I can't read very well while dodging (should have brought a tank frame or left Helios so it wouldn't scan before I was ready, I missed some of Zudd's comments before that too for the same reason) but I'm fairly certain I didn't get a waypoint. A waypoint at the end would have been nice.
  3. I figure there might be people that dislike survival as much as I dislike mobile defense but still have to clear the node for Arbitrations.
  4. It starts an extraction timer, same as it used to do when half the squad got to extraction.
  5. Eh... Host Migrations aside (and they're a whole different issue anyway), your issue seems imaginary. If your problem with the new system is that 3 other guys leave you alone then those same 3 guys would have forced you to extract anyway under the previous system, the only difference is that now you have to waste your time walking to extraction instead of making them wait an extra minute. With the bonus option of staying if you feel like soloing. I do agree that an extraction screen as those of Defense and Interception would be much better. The 1 minute warning you get sometimes might not be enough to run to extraction to avoid Host Migration.
  6. Well... We did get "open 20 lockers" this week too. 😆
  7. Looks somewhat updated to me, Zaws and Kitguns are separated from their weapon categories, those might account for most of the difference in number you're seeing. (And I think you might be counting stuff that doesn't give mastery, like what you got from The Sacrifice). To be fair, that was the wrong way to link it, from the main site you get a Get Started button and it makes more sense that way.
  8. Yeah, there's barely any info inside the game. The warframe's abilities window was recently updated, before that all you had where four lines of text and some stats for abilities that had a full screen of info for each one in the wiki. Someone already mentioned the market, but given your current playtime you might be low on credits/resources to buy/make the blueprints (there are a few weapons that you can buy already assembled for credits, you might want to start with those) but at this point you should be doing Quests (check them in the Codex) and unlocking Junctions, some of them give you blueprints for new weapons.
  9. Anyone complaining, obviously. I have yet to complain, but I don't do 'em everyday either. Last week for example I think I managed to complete 3... Maybe 4, I'm not sure if we actually got an easy one on the one weekday I played long enough for it. I skip them when they look like they'll take more than half of my allocated play time. Or when it's night in Cetus when I log in (I want Arcanes more than I want Rivens). Or sometimes the kid wakes up when I'm finishing stage 2 and that's as far as I get. I'll give some priority to Sorties this week because I still want a bunch of Nitain and weapons I thought I had already obtained from alerts, but I might still fail. It's no big deal to me, but it can happen, and I can accept that it might be a bigger deal to someone else.
  10. Are you launching from Big Picture? If so it may be using the steam configuration, I think there's an option to disable it for the game in steam.
  11. No. I had a person leave for a couple of months to another Clan and when they came back I could still see their previous contributions.
  12. It's moderately difficult to find rare servofish, I've found from 1 to 4 rares after an hour of fishing with no bait, so baits are recomended unless you need the mats from all the other fish too (which you probably do). Also, other people's bait makes fish show for you too, I had a squadmate throw one yesterday, (unfortunately before NW refreshed) and got about 10 rares from a single bait, so joining a squad might not be a bad idea if you're just going for the rares.
  13. It happens, it was bound to happen with this round of new wave, some rivens with the same "lvl 30 extermination unalerted" challenge require that you equip that key. Someone in my squad unveiled that one doing the challenge. In fact, le' me remind them. They're almost certainly also wondering why they're weaker 12 hours later.
  14. It's called Loc-pin and you can find the blueprint in the Tenno Lab in your Dojo.
  15. I've used my Opticor a lot, and see this as an improvement for regular missions. For anything under level 80 Opticor wasted a lot of its damage overkilling (I'd get top damage but not top kills in the end of mission screen whenever I bring it.) Sure, I'll miss the huge numbers but it sure sounds like I'll be killing faster with the Vandal version. I'm keeping the old one for the Index though, new one doesn't look like it's going to be one-shoting anything there.
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