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  1. Yeah, with the last PoE update.
  2. I had this happen a couple of weeks ago with a regular Simaris task. No matter how many Corrupted Ancients I scanned that Saturday it never went past 1/2 (at least I still got the rep). The issue went away on its own by Sunday and I finally finished the task. @Shady_Isac Did you actually do anything to fix it? Or is waiting it out the only option for the next unlucky fellow who gets hit by this bug?
  3. They gave one as a Twitch drop during the last Prime Time. It's obviously not a realiable way to get them, but there's that. EDIT: Nevermind, Talinthis is quite right, that was a Gravimag, which as far as I know is only useful when you already have a deployer.
  4. Yeah, there's barely any info inside the game. The warframe's abilities window was recently updated, before that all you had where four lines of text and some stats for abilities that had a full screen of info for each one in the wiki. Someone already mentioned the market, but given your current playtime you might be low on credits/resources to buy/make the blueprints (there are a few weapons that you can buy already assembled for credits, you might want to start with those) but at this point you should be doing Quests (check them in the Codex) and unlocking Junctions, some of them give y
  5. Just did, and yeah... that's not Nakak's style either (and probably wont look as good in that style), it mentions plains things if you count the word Wisp, but it doesn't look like a Cetus Wisp to me, might as well have gone with the 5th one in that case.
  6. My guess is that it didn't win bacause part of the prompt for the contest mentioned that it was a mask Nakak would make and sell and that looks more like something you'd get from Prime Access. Nakak's masks are obviously handmade.
  7. I put Shred on mine. Mostly for the punch through. It takes forever to charge so I'd rather hit more than just a couple of guys in the front of a line. Its one single meter isn't enough imho. I also have some elemental damage, Radiation for the Index and Corrosive for everything else. If you're going for crits you might want Hunter Munitions in there. The slash proc might help prevent wasting another second charging for just a sliver of health.
  8. No, you have to get the BP from juggernauts too. I second the Eris-capture suggestion, that's how I got it. Rush to the objective and the juggernaut almost always roars after Lotus sends you to extraction.
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