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    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, Kuva drops are buffed to ten times the actual rate. Every mission rewards huge amounts of Kuva, login rewards are a bunch of Kuva, in fact there's so much Kuva it's now more common than Credits. God Rivens are now dirt cheap since the only real investment is the time you spend clicking to reroll. In a totally unexpected turn of events this leads to a collapse of the Riven market and trivializes the rest of the game, leading to major drop in the playerbase who leaves the game out of rage/boredom, making in turn the development of the game unsustainable. Warframe is now dead. I wish for a never-ending box of pizza.
  2. They added an option in the Decoration menu for the Orbiter to select a Theme, so your snowman is only a couple of clicks away.
  3. But 7-zip is free!
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