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  1. The trading thing would be... interesting, but not necessary. The auction house is a hard no on my part.
  2. Anyone know what time? I've been hyped since I woke up already ready to buy everything for Nezha!
  3. There's a Day of the Dead for the Simulor if I'm not mistaken
  4. The Next Necramech is all melee based kinda like Ronin from tf2 but cooler.
  5. I'm know a lot of people would get mad, but I personally would love to see a custom hat(Like the pumpkin and bunny ears) that you yourself can make or something similar. But all ideas aside, is it worth grinding it up, even just a little bit? I'm Mr 24 and I dont know how much its worth it(Not including the potentially special 30 reward, just in general)?
  6. Lenz: Love red numbers no matter who i'm playing Occuor: Will never drop this gun, its my favorite in the game! I don't care if its bad or not. I bought arcane pistoleer just for this single gun!(And i dont regret it) Synoid heliocor: My favorite hammer in the game and hammers are my favorite melee, I don't know if its still considered the worst hammer, either way, I love it, gimmick and all. I don't know why but I love the "bad" weapons as a few might call them, but either way im having fun and shredding through level 150 with this loadout so!
  7. My goto is Nezha always will be. He is tanky with the nice speed and CC mixed with a decent DMG boost. Love how his abliitys interacts For SP it's Octavia, Massive CC DMG mixed with whole team invisibility! Love it!
  8. I think the Kuva and Endo you get from sorties scaled with MR, so it would be a little more benefiting.
  9. I hope then add RJ for open worlds, like how they had it when they first introduced fortuna where something in space was interacting with the open world.
  10. We only have 18K right now, which is awesome for just a day! Lets kick cancer like we do the Grineer!
  11. Oh Limbo Prime by far! I have never spent over 500 plat on a single frame. I'm proud of him being my first fashion frame!
  12. I saw the Ember and Frost prime is coming out the 29, dose that mean Inaros prime is leaving the same date? I wanna know when the next prime access is coming so I can start saving but I haven't found anything on how long they usually are or how longer left.
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