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  1. (XB1)TheHappyRaider

    Garuda Seeking Talons

    I have a basic understanding(Wiki plus using the ability) of Garuda's Seeking Talons ability, but, isn't supposed to pierce through all enemies within the circle? I wanna use it more but from what I observed the targeting for them is, broken it will selectively target 8 guys then it seems to just pirce a few others afterward. I like the ability a lot more if I knew why it is doing this, or am I somehow doing something wrong.
  2. (XB1)TheHappyRaider


    Yeah, I don't usually use primaries, I don't like the feel of them over secondary. I like the Nagantaka, just don't like the feel, so I wanna find a secondary that feels like a gory slash weapon with a plastic-esk look like Garuda(With a little metal part for gold). I might try the Spira, but it doesn't look like any part can be made golden, and Spira Prime is out of my reach for now.
  3. (XB1)TheHappyRaider


    (I didn't know if there was a tag more appropriate then Players helping Players so I apologize if so) I have recently gotten Garuda and I like how she looks with her Crossbow, but I don't know a good looking secondary to use for her that matches pretty nicely. Any ideas?
  4. (XB1)TheHappyRaider

    Agility Drift

    I'm trying to make my Limbo Prime have a little more survivability and I was wondering how useful is the 6% reduced accuracy is?
  5. (XB1)TheHappyRaider

    Broken Scepter

    Okay, thanks
  6. (XB1)TheHappyRaider

    Broken Scepter

    I have gotten rid of the Broken Scepter because I thought it was a really bad weapon at the time I was playing, but now I have mods to make it good and I don't know how to get it back, is there a way to buy it back with plat, or is it impossible?
  7. (XB1)TheHappyRaider

    Guardian Derision

    I got two Guardian Derision's from a random mission and I was kinda happy because it was one of the handful mods I was missing, I have found no use for it, and I wanna use it because it seems like it could synergize well with some abilities. But, I don't know what to use it on or what frame to use, anyone have any ideas on good combinations?
  8. (XB1)TheHappyRaider


    Heck yeah!
  9. (XB1)TheHappyRaider


    When Fortuna does come(When is it coming, datewise), will that also bring the Gas City tileset changes or is that a later update?
  10. (XB1)TheHappyRaider


    Aw yeah! About time! My baby Helios will finally get the chance to quench his hunger! Also, the fetch mod is something I've wanted since I started the game my kavat will finally be of use to me!
  11. (XB1)TheHappyRaider

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Hmm, when my friend told me about the rework, I was pretty disappointed because I would use Nezha instead of Rhino. Warding Halo will be kinda useless compared to Iron Skin, but I'm probably just overlooking the potential of 90%. But still, everything else(but Fire Walker being a duration than a drain) looks amazing! Also, I would love to see Blazing Chakram become an Exalted weapon to further increase the potential of Chakram, I always loved watching it make people fly then seek out another person nearby and launch him too, but it's no fun if Chakram's dmg output is pretty low. (Also, you should change Reaping Chakram to better suit the new charge! Like have it increase with each enemy hit!)
  12. (XB1)TheHappyRaider

    XB1 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 (LIVE!)

    So pretty much capture the flag in a way, I like it!