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  1. I had this idea awhile ago, a plant based Warframe that uses things like plants and the environment to decimate foes. He/She could be able to burrow into the ground and move around on the walls and ceilings and have the option shoot out a vine that will strangle foes. Another ability could be he/she lobs a bud that burrows down and grows out into to a flower that will explode into a web of ivy, basically a tripwire bomb, the ivy will spread out in a radius around the bomb and create stationary trip wires that knock down enemies and poisons them. Another cool ability that I thought of way back it to have this frame the ability to turn into a aiding armor for allies, you can cast on a ally to wrap yourself around them to give them protection or to use your energy to fill theirs, while your doing this you can cast your other abilitys(or another idea i had was that you could use there secondary, or yours, for them), or you can wrap around an enemy to anchor them into the ground and steal their health bar as your own(as in enemys that attack you while anchored can only dmg the enemy your anchored to), to become a stationary ability caster, or for additional energy cost you can reform your upper half exposing yourself to become a stationary turret with a dmg buff. a forth ability could be something like you grow a giant flower bud that shoots out pitcher plants that suck up a single enemy each and slowly digests them. I dont know how these would work with the meta but I honestly really like the idea regardless, I hope people enjoy this idea as much as I do.
  2. I think my favorite part is the shield gating on foes. I always thought of corpus as a push over of the other factions, all they had were nulls, but now I feel like it will be a bigger threat. Corpus are my favorite and I can't wait to have a good brawl with them for once.
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