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  1. Frame_Mastery

    Trackers, Data, And All the Worldstate Things

    Here to show my support for this - it'd be greatly appreciated.
  2. Updated 12/16/18. Also finally changed some preferred fishing spots for caves to reflect areas that seem to have hotspots frequently.
  3. Glad you find it useful Kevy! Updated 12/13/18.
  4. Updated 12/12/18. Thank you - Have any color suggestions Green? A decent amount of time went into picking the right colors - I have a feeling the real problem you're noticing is that the map is overcrowded with icons (especially given some are identical with only a recolor). That's a more difficult thing to tackle if so. Also I'd like to avoid changing color of inactive races since it matches the color of the actual icon in game - same with the bounties. Might just be that eventually changing those to their actual game icon would make life easier, but I'd have to draw it as a vector and play around with replacing all the images which takes a decent chunk of time that I unfortunately have to use for other things currently. Biggest thing I want to revamp about map for an eventual "version 3.0" is the text, which is too small right now but unfortunately baked into the map layer which means I'd have to find a clean way to overlay my own text on top of it.
  5. Updated 12/11/18 - A note for all console Tenno: The active K-Drive races are PC only. I do not know if the active K-Drive races are different for each platform, but I assume they are so just wanted to make that disclosure now. Thanks!
  6. Ah hah, be just fine I imagine! Updated 12/10/18
  7. Updated 12/8/18. Apologies for slow update today.
  8. Updated 12/5/18 - Two "rare" races live today (Sky-eye and Bomb the Spaceport). It's likely that races spawn at complete random, but mentioning anyway since these two have only popped up once or twice over past month.