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  1. Update (12/11/18): Welcome to Fortuna, console Tenno! Just a heads up that the active K-Drive races (green circles) are for PC only. Apologies! However, K-drive locations should all be the same so you can use this map to check for active locations easily. Complete Fortuna Guide After considerable work, I put together the "ultimate" Fortuna guide that covers (almost) all activities that you can do in Fortuna and on the Orb Vallis. Take a look and see what you think - perhaps using it in combination with this map will make your life on the Vallis a whole lot easier! Major Update Thanks to a weird bug that randomly occurred while I was on the Orb Vallis, I was able to confirm ALL the K-Drive locations on the map that were previously uncertain. This still isn't all K-Drive locations that exist, but it should be the majority of them and I'll continue to update the map with all 5 races that are present each day (although again, might not always be able to get around to updating this OP right away). Update (11/15/18): Current K-Drive locations for today are now present. Two previously uncomfirmed races are now confirmed, which suggests that the purple dots on the map have a good chance of being K-Drive races on future dates. Several confirmed Toroid caves were also added. Added best mining spot as well (removed old one, this new one is MUCH better). Update (11/14/18): This is technically version 5 of the map, but I'm calling it version 2.0 because I completely revamped some of the icons, drew the cave icon as a vector so I could make it bigger on map and do a bit more with it (e.g: Toroid cave icon) and made things a little easier to see overall. New additions include more confirmed K-Drive race locations AND the map will now be updated on a daily basis to reflect the latest K-Drive race locations. Updates that still need to be made: Additional recommended mining spots Gorgaricus Spores and Mytocardia Spores spawn locations (well, good places to farm them rather than all locations) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Original Post (Updated Key) This map took a considerable amount of time to build (even considering the amount of help that existing community resources provided), but I finally made it. Here's a full 3000 x 3000 picture of the Orb Vallis complete with markings. The key is provided under the map if you click on it for source URL (which also makes zooming and panning easier), but here's a brief textual description for your reference: Fish Picture = Good fishing spot Mining Picture = Best mining spot on map in our opinion White Cave = Regular Cave Cyan Cave = Fishing Available Triangle with Cave = Toroid Cave Red water = Pond Yellow water = Lake Green Circle = K-Drive Race (K-Drive locations that are currently active before reset. Might not be able to update here on regular basis, but will at least have it updated on site) Purple Circle = K-Drive Race (K-Drive locations that are currently inactive, but can become active after reset) Blue Circle = Bounties
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