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  1. Also another timer for actually using the mercy stab on their lich. IIRC if a player doesn't try to when their own lich drops down the lich just stays there and other people's liches won't spawn. For this timer, 30-45 seconds should be plenty enough since players have to already be within range to drop it. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan
  2. Thoughts on Ember: I really like these reworks. But like others have mentioned the management for immolation is a bit too much. Just two casts of her 4th sends immolation into a rediculous energy eater just to manage, let alone if you forget it's still going for a moment. Imo, the charge rate for the immolation meter should be capped at whatever it is for just one 4th cast. Which is still plenty, just not an insane rate. With possibly the time that rate is increased being less too, but that might not be needed. The main issue is how fast it charges. Vauban: The cast time on everything needs to be less. And personally, I wouldn't mind a little more duration for his 4th abilities. Also, it'd be nice if the Tesla Nervos roller drones become highlighted once they attach to an enemy. At least just with the augment. Maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time seeing where those drones go when there are enemies and abilities going all over the screen.
  3. The Lanka is not obtainable for those who do not alreay have it. It's not in the dojo or even available to buy with plat.
  4. This. So much this. DE has a bad track record with dates for updates no doubt. But this is one of those times where they are trying to give a more realistic goal, by acknowleding said track record essentially. And they've been smarter about this in execution since Gauss. People are already blaming them when: iirc they did technically say "by the end of October" so nov 1 would be a delay, but anytime before that is not. They sort of almost thought they had it ready last week, but knew some things might not be, which they obviously weren't. And they expressed that publically in the last Devstream. So I'm leaning towards it dropping tomorrow. Maybe Friday at the latest if things go real bad with coding. It's seeming like they'll hit a deadline they set this time around. Not sure why so many people from last week onward are all of the sudden saying it's delayed. Nov 1 would be the first day it's late. I'm not not even the sort of person to white-knight. If anything im usually a little more critical than needed (you can read the post history yourself). Despite that I can see DE avoiding false hopes of unrealistic deadlines and people are acting like the deadline (for being late) has already passed.
  5. At this time you are better off assuming it won't be today no doubt. But it doesn't take long for their Igor server to deploy a build to the update servers. (It's like 20 mins IIRC, and certainly under an hour)
  6. They have updated that late in the day, which they try to avoid that's true. Like how they try to avoid dropping the update on a friday which they have also done as well. If I had to bet money on one day at this point tho, it'd be tomorrow.
  7. It's already past 4pm EST (now). I wouldn't get my hopes up for today. Tomorrow is by far the most likely update day at this point.
  8. This update isn't delayed as they never gave an official release date. What they said in the last Devstream is that some things in the update were on track for this week and some things were not. The only "official" timeline we got is that we'd have this update "by the end of October" IIRC. So abiding by DE's own words we can only consider this update DElayed until after October is over if the update isn't out by then. So 1 more week. Right on schedule.
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