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  1. Shield Osprey Specters are not working correctly (again). This happened before in the past few months where the shield osprey specters did not work on defense objectives (or at all, even on allies? I'm not sure of the extent of the bug). I'm sure DE knows what do to, but yea the shield ospreys don't work again. I just experienced this while leveling up Guass on Hydron, Sedna.
  2. @[DE]Bear I know it's been mentioned already but Enveloping Cloud seriously needs a revisit. It's arguably one of the worst augments in the game due to the fact that attacking negates it. On a side note: I've noticed people saying that the augments should be built into the abilities themselves. While I can't really agree with that completely, as there are sometimes mechanics from the augments I don't always want to use with certain abilities, there is another way to fix this issue. Simply add an additional slot on frames for augments only. An "augment slot" Basically like an exilus slot but for augments. And just like exilus mods already work, you can still install an augment in the regular mod slots like an exilus mod. This way if you're playing a frame like Rhino where two augments is common for an iron skin build you still have to take up one "traditional" mod slot (calling it T slot) but can also use the proposed augment slot. Then Rhino's who use this build only have to use one T slot rather than 2 T slots just for augments. This would also allow plenty of current builds that tend to use just 1 augment to use 2, making current builds a little more interesting. In fact, builds that don't use any augments might be more inclined to use any one augment! On top of that, frames that might not be so firendly to Umbra builds (such as Loki, Limbo, and more) have an alternative "augment(s)" build they can use. And due to mod capacity it won't make frames already friendly to umbral builds more OP (with the possible exception of Umbra Excal due to him having 3 Umbra polarities). It would also be nice if this "augment slot" comes polarized to augments already since they all have the same polarity
  3. Level 1000 enemies aren't even that high and endless endurance runs aren't that niche. Just look at the leaderboards near the end of the week. You can get close to that level with just a basic 40 or 50 dig heiracon farm. In between new content it's one of the few things to do once you've done everything else or everything you care to do. Some people just do it to farm. Old Defy aside though let me ask you some questions about current Defy. Let's assume we removed the armor cap but kept the rest of Defy the same as it is now: Would removing the armor cap be "broken as hell" to you as well? If so, why Would removing the armor cap make Wukong any less fun to you? If so, why Is there any reason to you why there should be an armor cap?
  4. Valkyr comes no where close to Old Defy. At all. Yes Valkyr can restore health while invincible, but so can Rolling Guard with Old Defy active and simply taking more damage (plus energy regen). Due to enemy speed also increasing at levels where any of this actually matters it's a non-issue. Valkyr can't use Rage/Hunter Adrenaline to gain enegy with 4th. Old Defy did. It was truly endless damage tanking, regardless of enemy level, forever, and gaining energy doing so futher fueling Defy. Along with fueling any other abilities to spare. keep in mind Rolling Guard simply requires you to roll rather than needing to find somewhere safe. Even if we take that out of the picture, I now refer you to Nezha and Rhino having an absorbtion mulitipler rather than a cap anyways.And iframes to deal with recasting for both frames. They can both avoid one-shots at endless levels. Current Wukong can't even with Rolling Guard. 😕 Remove the cap at least.
  5. I won't bother arguing the rest of your points, but this is categorically false. Old Defy was actually the best and easiest tanking abilitiy in the game. Even Inaros and Baruuk can get one-shot from any common enemies eventually. With Old Defy the more damage you took the better because you would also gain energy, WITH Defy active, and get invinciblity on EACH activation.Look up Wukong Defy immortality loop You could be surrounded by level 1000 leeches and as long as you're actually taking damage you would still never die, even from one-shots that would kill Inaros or Baruuk at that level, and would drain Rhino/Nezha's energy like nothing. Literally 1.25 energy per second and Rolling Guard ensures you don't even need to hide at recast after like 14 activations. This also means as long as you were taking damage with old defy active that not only would you not die, but you could use it to keep his 4th active nigh endlessly as well.... And I say "nigh" endlessly because there are some exceptions. Such as a Mesa killing enemies before they can damage you, but at high enough levels where they could still get in range to drain some energy. At even higher levels enemies would still be able to reach you despite Mesa. So you could get energy anyways at that point. Old Defy alone was like a Chinese finger trap. Literally the more damage you took the better, regardless of enemy level, endlessly. Imagine that with the rest of his current kit. There is no reason for New Defy to have an armor cap at all. Even without a cap, it's still ultimately a nerf on Defy but gives roughly the same amount of interaction as with the cap anyways. Especially since both Nezha and Rhino have damage absorbtion MULTIPLIERS, rather than caps at 1500, when the Last Immortal does not. He can't even tank, dps, or cc better than other frames. His best niche is SPY now. Both Rhino and Nezha can give damage multipliers for the entire squad rather than currenty Defy for just Wukong himself lmao and sill easily tank more damage.
  6. Yep. There's no reason for the armor cap considering Nezha and Rhino already doesn't even have it. Currently Nezha is more immortal thn Wukong now (Nezha gets brief invincibility when his armor ability depletes, giving time to recast if you're paying attention). Of course Rhino with an augment allows recast at any time. Wukong can't do any of that, and it ABSOLUTELY matters when enemies not only get increased damage but also increased speed in longer endless missions. There's no beffer between his new Defy eneding and Cloud Walker, aside from his 3 revives per mission. The 3 revives doesn't really mean much in that case at all 😕
  7. I feel like a fair trade between the immortality of the old Defy loop and the not immortality of new Defy would be to simply remove the armor cap from new Defy. It still has to be refreshed anyways this way, and even with no armor cap can't be used in the loop (set and forget). You still have to take a decent amount of damage to get armor by being near a group of enemies, and doesn't change the damage output when Defy ends. It's still based on the damage of what the enemies can do to you, it just doesn't fall off against long endurance run enemies with no cap! In other words, it would still be interactive which if I'm not mistaken was the entire purpose of nerfing Defy in the first place due to old Defy not being interactive. @[DE]Pablo This way: "Set and forget" still isn't possible. It's still just as interactive and fuctionally works the same. Just without a cap. Changes nothing for standard starchart mission completion compared to how it currently works. It isn't fodder in long endurance runs. We already have: Nezha's Warding Halo Rhino's Iron skin Both of which have armor absorbtion multipliers, rather than caps. Both frames can provide damage multipliers for the entire squad Despite the new Defy also having the damage multiplier, it does not apply to the rest of squad anyways.
  8. It's a sad day efficiency/Strength WISP of all frames can easily achieve far more actual invincitibility, while attacking, rather than this rework. You can just spam 2 with a weapon rather than use this and tank all the damage you want. hope that helps anyone looking for a decent tank. And sort of like Gara, at least you can get damage some good damage buffs @[DE]Pablo This is not what Wukong is meant to be. Change his name and stop calling him the "Last immortal" OR give old Defy back. (and change Cloud Walker). Simple.
  9. I've got to say that the rework feels pretty underwhelming compared to how it sounds on paper. I was actually hoping for more than this considering we'd lose the true Defy. Most frames can at least do something, even just 1 thing other frames can't do better. That doesn't seem to be the case here other than MAYBE Cloud Walker mobility on small maps. And most of those exceptions apply to frames like Vauban that need a proper rework anyways. This would be the first time my trust in Pablo has not met expectations because he's done GREAT work in the past. Literally Gara with just 1 mod (Intensify lmao) can achieve better Damage Reduction than Wukong's 1500 + modded armor max (which is 85% DR but only in armor). Of course, armor doesn't even apply to shields OR armor while TRUE DR does. Old Defy could've at least been used to fuel the rest of Wukong's new kit including his new 4th ability even with some nerfed tweaks! IN FACT, Gara's Splinter Storm would NOT be interactive if it weren't for the rest of her abilties! With Intesify alone it is a FLAT 90% damage reduction that applies to shields, armor, and health. That's it straight up. Let alone the damage it can do provided you use OTHER abilities.It's not even close! At all! To take this one step further old Defy could've at least been used to fuel Wukong's NEW abilties such as his 4th! Just because old Defy had a terrible kit to go with it does NOT mean the ability could not have been more interactive than it was, especiallialy with a kit to go around it! I recall the first Devstream of his rework annoucement saying Defy would not be reworked. Now it's been so nerfed around a lackluster kit that it is not worth it any sort of extended endless mission. Pretty much any frame other than Atlas, Vauban, and one maybe two other frames would be more useful. If we really want to break down some stats, not including Inaros channeled Invincibility or Baruuk's channeled evasion, Baruuk still achieves a much higher ehp than Inaros and ESPECIALLY reworked Wukongs. Is it better for completing missions on the starchart? Yes. Does the new Defy with rest of kit make any sort of pivotal difference doing so? no. Does the new Defy or the rest of his kit make a pivotal difference in extended endless runs compared to most other frames? Absolutely NOT.
  10. It's not scaling damage, despite the damage absorbtion multiplier. People are mistaken on this similar to Octavia. Enemy damage scales slower than enemy health in endurance runs. And that's before something like enemy armor or shields are even factored in as well. The closest thing to scaling damage are status procs (with some single-target exceptions). To last in endurance runs it requires teamwork. There is no going forever because eventually people have to sleep, use the restroom, ect and unless you're playing solo you can't pause the game. That and requiring at least another frame are the ONLY reasons you can't go forever. A frost or Limbo in defense would theoretically protect a pod forever IF it didn't have to actually kill enemies. Equinox can nuke scaling damage IF 3 to 4 corrosive projections are stripping all armor (or shield disruptions for Corpus), but can't survive one-shots from the increased enemy speed and damage. Nor can it protect a defense pod at those levels. Wukong won't actually bring any of that to the table. A simple tweak to the new Defy could help since the new Cloud Walker can already be interrupted. Allow Defy to be interrupted by Cloud Walker. Simple. At least Cloud Walker can still bring some cc to an endurance run (and possibly finishers?) if that's the case, without getting one-shot as the Last Immortal. 85% damage reduction isn't impressive to people who like to do endurance runs and not just clear the starchart. And yes, DE does design at these levels hence the bug fix to Ivara to keep her from soloing wave 565 Hydron. Their intention is if you want to do something even similar you'll need to do it with teamwork.
  11. The passive should be a cooldown rather than 3 times cap per mission. This would be better for endurance runs. Even if the cooldown has to be longer than Oberon's Pheonix Renewal that can be applied to all teammates and some ally NPCs too anyways. It'd be nice to take advantage of the one of the passive buffs every so often in endurance runs. Or that random chance for extra loot in long kuva survival runs. @[DE]Pablo This shouldn't really hinder his interactivity anyways with enough cooldown.
  12. Idk her cc looks like it could be very strong. She can place those buffs down, multiple at a time, and pulse them to hit enemies. You as Wisp can be anywhere on the map when you pulse them. Reb had like 4 or 5 down in the devstream, so that's a lot of area that can be covered especially with range mods if you spread them out
  13. Yeah, but if a bug is really problematic or looks terrible it's best to fix it in house. Some bugs can make certain aspects of the new content completely unplayable in which case there's no point in releasing it until it's ready
  14. Not going to lie, I'm dissapointed Wisp's release got delayed into the mainline update. Looks like "weeks not months" did end up turning into over a month after all. Ironically this week is the last week I'll have plenty of free time to play her for a while 😞 I understand the mainline update can take much more time than anticipated. However delaying Wisp for it seems unnecessary as she was, and I quote, "weeks" away from being done. A month ago.
  15. As someone who didn't even do the Khora xp exploit I agree with the solutions offered here. To those who might be biased enough to actually believe that no one would be defending those who used this exploit other than those who did abuse it, feel free to add me in game and see if I get banned for yourself. I don't personally know anyone who did it either, it's a matter of ethics imo. Now then, people might be assuming a perma-ban is the only way to deal with this and it really is not. If DE can detect those who used it in extreme ways, along with all the player specific Twitch drops and so on, they don't have to automatically just perma-ban. Some exploits ARE more obvious than others, some are also less obvious like the ones mentioned above and in previous posts. There IS a slippy slope despite how obvious this specific exploit may be. On top of that, you don't necessarily need to buy a ton of Forma with plat to take advantage of this exploit. My main account on console has about 40 forma and a ton of hours because I rarely level weapons I don't like to play Hydron/ESO more than twice maybe 3 times in a row. (Just debunking some previous stand-alone points from earlier posts). All of that forma was gained since before fissures even started and I play practically every day. Now from what I gathered most of the people crying out for a perma-ban are upset because it gives players a way to level up way faster than intended. I can understand that but if the exploited MR and weapons gained can be reverted then what? You just want to perma-ban them anyways because they used an exploit like so many other have in the past and have admitted to right in this thread intentionally or not? Hell, give em a week ban, a month even (for the khora exploit). But a perma-ban is WAY over the top, especially for this large complex PvE game that has exploits ALL THE TIME and people put a ton of hours in. DE made the coding mistake, patch it, take away all the weapons and rank gained because of it. They don't have to even look through each person's profile. Just delete any weapon leveled in under 30 seconds or a minute (whatever the time is), roll back the exploited MR on profiles gained from those fast leveled weapons and POOF! Serv-Pro like it never even happened. This anomalous debate ends, legit players don't get left behind by players who used the exploit (or at least khoras for all we know), and things go back to relatively normal before DE introduced whatever code allowed the exploit in first place. Everyone wins except for the people who seriously abused it who would not only have those weapons deleted but will get a temporary ban. It's not like MR rank is a good indicator of skill anyways so people having a higher MR than they should temporarily really doesn't break the game at all as long as everything obtained by the this exploit gets removed. It just can't happen too often or for too long really.
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