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  1. Where's our Dubba Stubba? Steve you promised 😡
  2. Correct, every Warframe has energy. Some just have both energy and something else.
  3. I definitely get that. I wonder what other ways might help reduce nuking without, as the first comment mentioned, running into a wall to use your abilities. Nidus is definitely a good example of metering done well, so there's that.
  4. Wanted to share my thoughts here as well. I think this trend of adding an additional energy type to micromanage is starting to get a little cumbersome. I think other varieties in Warframe design should be considered, as these seem like unnecessarily requiring players to "unlock" or buff their abilities.
  5. Same goes for companions. Regardless, at least enemies killing enemies probably shouldn't count against this bounty bonus.
  6. The stat values in mod link are lower than on the build itself. Probably a small oversight.
  7. It has me at rank 30 and 10,000 standing. PSN: BenHeisennberg
  8. Hasn't done so in the last few months. IGN: BenHeisennberg
  9. Please revert the "fix" to speed buff legs. I might straight up lose a clanmate because he loves the sheer ridiculousness of maximum possible strength Volt with other squad buffs. Legit one of his favorite things in game, and I want to tell him I tried at least lol
  10. Different games for different people. Warframe is a grindy MMO. Might come as a shock from all the fomo people around, but yeah, this game is primarily aimed at people who enjoy the grind. If you just get your rewards without that mission you think is too long, you will have nothing to do with those rewards. The grind is the content.
  11. I feel you OP. PS4 region chat could use some of these mods that PC thought were too strict.
  12. Stopping new content is a fantastic way to kill the game. They're doing both.
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