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  1. Did not have this issue in the veil. Either the waypoint would be for a vent that isn't ready, or the waypoint wouldn't even show up. Two missions in a row now I've failed because the game won't tell me where to go. Just want to clear the node so I can avoid this game mode.
  2. Some runs, hacked bursas will either not attack the Razorback, or will attack it and not put it in a downed state, rendering the mission incompletable. Also, mind controlling a bursa with Nyx seems to break the run entirely.
  3. Might sound slightly unimportant, but yeah: Been trying to replace my Smeeta Kavat with Nyx Prime as my most used item in game, and by the way I (think I) understand the calculations work, pets are used less often than Warframes, so a Warframe with higher usage should pass the cat. As of right now, the cat is at 35.9%, and my Nyx Prime is at 41.5%. Seems strange that Nyx hasn't passed the Smeeta yet. If that sounds like it should've calculated with Nyx higher, please see if you could fix it, if it's not too big of an issue lol Thank you!
  4. It appears that the pulling effect on Mag's 2 only works on the enemies that are initially exposed when the ability is cast, and not on enemies that spawn in afterwards, allowing enemies to walk and shoot through the bubble.
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