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  1. So PS4 (and other consoles) isn't getting any updates following the week of Railjack release until next week at the very earliest, probably 2+ weeks out.
  2. I don't mind a faster update with slightly more bugs than usual. Just not a fan of a two month delay for patches in the event DE decides to do so. Gives the impression we're just a pinata stuffed with cash when a company does that.
  3. Lets go through a timeline: Railjack releases on PC. It is almost instantly turned around and sent to console with most bugs still attached. PC gets additional bug changes and a massive change to the resource economy. We're left with launch week version as DE left for Christmas. RNG gets addressed in early 2020. More fixes and changes, but PC only. It is January 28th. According to the PS4 at 4 stream, we will finally get a version of Railjack that isn't the launch week version, whenever PC gets Kuva Lich changes. My clanmates, friends, and I have dropped the RNG laden, poor resource economy, bug infested Railjack and have even started gravitating to other games. On their behalf and mine, I ask that once you finally fix this messed up (and sometimes downright predatory) system, you learn from your mistakes. I've played a DBG game, I know how poorly a console port can be treated, and I've held you in much higher regard. Please don't change that.
  4. Can confirm just now on PS4, no identified reward.
  5. Completed a 1 hour 20 minute Arbitration at 10:35 pm Pacific time. The Playstation Network names of the squad members were: BenHeisennberg: myself, the host. No known internet issues. freakygamer2: did not receive any mission rewards due to a "failed to update account." If you could help my clanmate out, that would be great. MenacingSage: was forcibly placed by the game into a solo squad around the 50 minute mark, was able to extract, unsure if he received all rewards. Sparticus21: no issues that I know of. Mentioned all of us in as much detail as possible to hopefully help prevent this from occuring again. As freakygamer2 was understandably tired and frustrated, he did not want to set up an account here and quickly headed off for the night. The rewards that I know we had were: At the absolute minimum, 35 vitus essence (before cat buffs, to stay on conservative side, pretty sure that's everyone's minimum total). 1 Arcane Tanker, the primary reason for my buddy's frustration. At least 1 Blade Charger. Thank you, hope you're able to help freakygamer2 out, and use the information provided in any related bug fixing.
  6. This. We must give praise to our PC players who selflessly play- I mean "bug test" everything a month in advance. We honor their sacrifice.
  7. Nice! Will they streamline 26.0.7? The fixes are kinda important. I don't even care about trading, I just want my Kogris to do full damage.
  8. Yeah at this point it's up to Sony. Ash and Vauban are already in the game, so we'll probably get the unvaulting today and continue to wait.
  9. Multiple games I've played have taken this line and it's dumb. If this is anywhere in their mindset, they need to recognize that everybody who financially supports them is of importance to their bottom line, no matter the platform.
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