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  1. This season is boring, but incredibly fast and easy, which is probably what the rework was aiming for to quell the screechers complaining about S1. I say it doesn't need any more changes, minus perhaps letting us swap out certain acts with more interesting/difficult ones. For instance, if you don't want to scan flowers, you can change it to something like "kill the Profit Taker" or an add-in "survive an hour in Mot."
  2. I can spam Atterax attacks with a regular PS4 controller and default control scheme (if that can even be changed, never checked). Just because you would need a macro, doesn't mean others do.
  3. I wish we could have a game where these people who liked 10,000 credits for a level 10 exterminate get their wishes, while I could have Nightwave season 1 where a week's worth wasn't just completed in an hour on Sunday.
  4. ITT: people playing a walking simulator in a space ninja game. This is why the timer always has to hit zero on public capture missions. I suggest we double the "challenge" to instill good habits.
  5. I got a Sunika with the Lotus fur, I feel your pain.
  6. Don't do it if you don't want to do it. Some of us enjoy these. If someone doesn't like Excavation, they usually don't complain until all Excavation missions are removed.
  7. I really feel like Defy should've stored a percentage buff to his weapons and 4, rather than Absorb 2.0.
  8. Now once you've calmed down, please explain to me how releasing this to PC would've helped solved the problem for xbox. You know, since you're a "beta tester."
  9. So, if an xbox guy burned a day of vacation, it's all good because he's xbox. Yep that's definitely the tag.
  10. One of the very few times PC has to wait (and not even a month like console usually gets), and all the entitled PCMR posts come out asking DE to just stick it to the console players. Worth the wait lol
  11. The Kuva looks alright. Main benefit to us for this is the Nitain for Aura Forma.
  12. If you can't complete a defense mission with Ivara without straight up removing the defense target from aggro, you're playing her wrong.
  13. I think I've narrowed it down to either the Khora or the Zenistar. As noted near the end of the clip, I had to bolt to extraction because I thought my (well dusted and reliable) console was going to fry.
  14. Sample footage: You can break the crap outta the fight. Here I used one set of Magus Lockdown. I'm the host in all clips. Magus Lockdown does not work at every portion of the fight, but when timed correctly, it's uh... Yeah.
  15. That would've kinda been a garbage reward if they did that. Barely better than a regular forma, would've probably been a rare drop that did nothing except save a little time.
  16. You suggesting a bunch of us imagined the stream where a dev said just that? Additionally, my memory might be off, but wasn't the early 2018 Plague Star appearance concurrent with PC? I double checked the wiki, which only says: "Its first rerun began on April 5, 2018 and ended April 17, 2018, and its second rerun began on September 19, 2018 and ended on September 30, 2018, and its console rerun started on November 2, 2018 and ended on November 13, 2018." Seems to confirm how I remember it.
  17. September to November was a massive delay due to relay reconstruction, as stated on stream at the time. This June (or later) will be a delay for everybody. Iirc, there was a delay prior to last Plague Star. You listed two delays, then asked for delays lol
  18. Agreed. Though with regards to I wouldn't myself lol. Plague Star's rewards are far better than any other event. If it were completely concurrent to the Jovian Concord release (to the day), my ghost clan would probably unlock the new vandals, maybe speedrun Rope for Wisp parts, and then head straight to PoE.
  19. Good point. Didn't consider that. The constant delays are ridiculous imo. Sure, rework Plague Star, but then put it on a timer like other events are. It should have an automatic beginning and end.
  20. Just a small request. Plague Star has been delayed twice (thrice?) in a row now for console, and I'm concerned the Jovian Concord will bump it past June 12th, delaying it again. My clanmates and I are going to stockpile from this next Plague Star regardless in case of future postponements, but yeah... We'd really like some more regularity in its appearance.
  21. I like reading these and reminding myself that people think I'm an "elite-tier player" for having put umbral forma in Titania lol
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