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  1. what about existing transporter that were renamed during the issue of renaming transporters, because when i try to use them it still transports me outside the dojo map where i can still use my menu but the decoration option no longer exists for me to delete it.
  2. what about existing transporter that were renamed when this bug was still around? i have two transporters i can't delete because of the bug that shifts them outside the dojo map.
  3. what about renaming a transporter that is existing and then as soon as you confirm the name change it teleports the transporter off the map? what about the transporters that are now outside the map of my dojo? can existing transporters that are outside the dojo map be deleted or at the very least relocated?
  4. why wont you fix the bug you did to renaming transporters? i know you keep deleting my post about dojo bug almost as if u want it to stay!
  5. So Since when are you going to fix the new bug that actually made it a hundred times worse when renaming an existing transporter. it changes its location to outside the dojo map and you can't use it once you use it, you also can't enter decorator mode to delete it either. As well as the bug that causes the menu to totally freeze up while in decorator mode. when i use the chat with the screen up i normally before this update could chat while in decorator mode now i cant do anything but open my chat menu and if i want to get out i have to forcibly close the game and re open.
  6. still nothing on dojo decor bug for renaming an existing transporter. cool glad its not important for DE to fix.
  7. what about fixing dojo decorations? everytime i rename a transporter what i thought was being deleted it insteads shifts its location somewhere else. this is ridiculous. please look into this
  8. So I can’t type mod config or look anymore since this hot fix. It won’t show up on link auto fill anymore I have to manually goto my arsenal and click the link instead to type it in.
  9. when is the announcement for the summer dojo contest 2020 going to stream? or did it already pass?
  10. Clan name: Airborne Rangers Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Commander-in-Chief (warlord/founder) Clan Tour:(this video was created by a member of my clan all credits go to him *which i will leave unnamed*) *This video is just slightly above the 3min by .3seconds, 3:03* I created the Airborne Rangers to commemorate the greatest fighting force on god's green earth. As i am a former military fella, i thought it would be great to create a community for everyone and make it a military themed clan that happens to be the home of many prior
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