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  1. Pleeeease can we fix the crappy hitboxes on the Vallis Decorations and Grass for the Dojo? The dojo contest is running and these items have terrible hitboxes, once down they can't be moved again...
  2. Some of the newer vallis dojo decorations that came tih the Granum update have very, very poor hitboxes. Same as with the grasses. Once its down you cannot move it so to get rid of it you have to destroy the whole room. Absolutley BEGGING for them to be looked at.
  3. It's dojo contest time again, and while I'm doing up my dojo theres several things I've come across that could really help improve it. Blank rooms - Not the inspiration halls, a room about the size of the small or large garden, for those smaller builds. I've been using the plain sand garden, but since you can't add anything near the doors or the console its almost impossible to get it to look nice when putting in a new floor. My corpus room has 4 chunks of sand near the doors and its just..ugly. Perhaps a kind of option to close some of the doors, make them dead ends, so they can be built
  4. grass has always been like that, almost impossible to move/delete
  5. I built it out of curiosity,
  6. Wanting to redo our dojo but I have a few questions. Do I have to remove the decorations/personal decorations before hand or will they all automatically go back into the vault? What are the best rooms to make displays in? So far I've learned that I can only have 3 inspiration halls, and with the gardens the space is so limited with the no go areas near the doors taking up so much space. Are there any rooms that are good to build in? Thank you.
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