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  1. (PS4)LeoLexus12

    Dojo Lighting on PS4. Lesser version?

    lighting does seem a bit off on ps4 ^^ i have another problem in my dojo, ive been moving rooms around and rebuilding but ive hit a wall because theres a room i cant delete, for some reason it says "could not queue componant for destruction because it is a prerequisite for other components: remove those components first.".......but the room is entirely empty ^^ i cant continue with the dojo until it lets me remove the room, ive checked everywhere there are no other decorations in the room plz help.
  2. (PS4)LeoLexus12

    Mod not working correctly

    im using health conversion on my nekros and whenever i take health damage the stocks dont decay and i die just as fast with the mod off its like the armor stacks arnt actually stacking and adding to my armor stat, i tried it with the mod on and off on different missions and on the same level enemies and my health just gets shredded, its 450 armor a stack, i should not be dying that quick and im laying on the ground with 3 stacks still not decaying, plz fix im begging you it cost me lots of simiris points to purchase.thanks in advance