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  1. It's been a while since this thread has seen some love. I think a lot of the concepts offer much for the game, and I hope that DE takes notice of it once again, for expansion of current in-game assets.
  2. I've received correspondence from the person you sent to help me, Apathy, and I'll be happy to remake the stories or alter it to the new parameters. I'll hold off making any changes until you give me your revision. I'm ready whenever you are!
  3. Oh dear my, Lyza looks BEAUTIFUL! I'll never doubt that looks can be deadly after seeing that!
  4. Star Wars? Haha. Oh, Apathy, did you need any more help with the stories I gave you? I could edit if you need it, or start up on other things if you're trying to fill out other items.
  5. I have just spoken with [DE]Megan! Apathy, the Thread will be featured on this weeks Prime Time to compensate for the technical difficulties they experienced last week!
  6. Overhaul as you wish! Haha, the improvements are much wanted! And yep yep, I was thinking of the Manic grineer, gosh I can't believe I kept getting the name wrong, thanks for correcting me! I'll be happy to see them once you're done making them better! For her last name since we're apparently stuck with single syllabic names for last names, Hek, Bek, or even one letter with V, I was thinking either Tal, Zul, Tul, and Khey (Khey was my favourite, but it's entirely up to you, this OP has to flow nicely, and if the name changes have to go in, then the name changes gotta go in!).
  7. Man...can't believe this got featured but the technical difficulties stopped people from seeing it. And i find it ironic that I posted just the other night that I hope Megan or Rebecca see this thread, and lo and behold, we (kinda) saw it in the Prime Time today.
  9. Lyza “You know, that kid must’ve been real nice back before she lost her home. We all were better off before all this happened.” -Zhon And here are my comments:
  10. I wonder when [DE]Megan or DERebecca is gonna take notice of this thread, or any other of the community moderators.
  11. Lol, the popularity of the thread, I love it! If only the Devs gave us a way to put all of these threads into groups, that way we can access all of the info in one central area. But I guess the best we can do is link the other threads to this one.
  12. I forget what the new units for the Grineer are called, the one that won the Enemies of the Tenno concept, but that's what I was trying to model it after. Of course, change as you will! The biggest thing for this thread is that all our ideas flow together, and we have good synergy with them all, if changes to my work needs to be done, we can do it! I'm just enjoying the writing and stuff. I'll try to think of something for his name, if not. you're free to change it or keep it.
  13. Ren Huud, (pronounced just as you would the word ‘Hood’) the counterpart to Cantis in the Red Veil Ghosts division, as you requested. Since we have Caz on Callisto, I thought I’d rework this story a bit and try to see what I could tune up. Honestly I don’t know about the name, the creative juices weren’t flowing well, haha, if you can think of something a bit more creative and Grineer-esque, I’d be open to it. And of course, you’re free to change whatever you wish in the story, add or subtract. I’m sorry the female character for the Vandals isn’t up yet, I’m still trying to fine tune
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