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  1. While his current abilities do have synergy with each other, they are not so fun to use, especially when you are not playing solo. But yes, I still tried to leave most abilities as they are, just improving upon them. The issues I was trying to fix were mostly his theme and lack of team-play. I never said he is useless in his current state, just a bit messy.
  2. The way Adaptive Pillars would work was based on his 4, but I do agree that adapting to enemy health type as you suggested would be more powerful and interesting.
  3. REVENANT REVISIT 1. Introduction Revenant is in a tough spot, ability and theme-wise. Half Sentient, half Vampire, many players agree that he is a bit of a mess. With this idea, I decided to streamline his theme, to a Warframe corrupted by Eidolon energy. And that required a few changes to his kit, like removal of Enthrall. This version of Revenant focuses more on adapting to enemies and stacking damage. 2. Ability Rework PASSIVE) After suffering from a Status Effect, gain immunity to that Status Effect for the next 20 seconds. 1) REAVE Dash
  4. Introduction Dear DE, here is my opinion on Railjack, on what works well and on what could work better: Points of Interest I think a good idea would be increasing rewards from PoI, for example they could give specific amount of Intrinsics. Then players would be doing them with a smile on their face, and not seeing them as something tedious. Mission types / gamemodes Railjack would benefit from different types of gamemodes. I was a big fan of the one showed at Tennocon 2019, where our task was to extract something from a derelict tower. Fighting capitol ships also would
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